Monday, 24 December 2007

My 1st losing month, and a couple of deep cashes in sunday majors

So i'm having a terrible time at the cash tables meaning i am having my first losing month of my poker pro career. Think something has gone fundamentally wrong with my cash game as i am spewing everywhere, so will have to take a look at that over christmas.

last nite id played nearly every sunday major on every site and managed 5 cashes in the 10 major tournaments i played. Managed to final table bubble the ipoker 200k which sucked as for some reason i got all confused with having a short stack and there being no antes. I shld of gone shove crazywith 18 left as there weren't any payjumps till the final table and it was a complete crapshoot. Alas i didnt and i grinded out in 11th.

Managed to just squeeze into the $ in the warm up, crypto and betfair majors as well. The other dispointing tournie was the mulligan where i managed to get a huge stack after 4 bet shoving 100bbs with 77 and winning the flip midway through the tournie (
This obviously coincided with my ipoker final table bubble.
I then folded for an hour after realising that everyone was 3 betting me every hand and that i had to be patient.

managed to find a hand finally and dblled with a nice river:
And then someone managed to donk to me quite spectacularly:
Then same guy tries to donk again but AA no gooooooood:

sigh, i then lose AK to A4 and realise what it must feel like to run like moorman1. LOL

Oh well at least i made a profit last night, and i finally stacked someone on cash (
and no i dont know what he is doing either....

Merry christmas etc....


Wednesday, 19 December 2007

ranked 97th!!!!!!!!!

So the rankings came out today and i finally creeped into the top 100. Was a nice feeling as i'm actually down for month (due to awful run in cash games). Since my last post i took 2nd in the party super and donked a final table of the stars 25k to come 9th after this hand (
Which kinda sucked. But i guess my party super 2nd place was enough to put me in the rankings thank god.
Anyways back to work.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ship the 20 rebuy 1 addon and hopefully i will creep into the rankings out tomorrow.

So i just shipped the 20r1a on stars for 4.6k and hopefully that means i get the required plb points to be a top 100 ranked player on
I'm really happy because i have probably completed the mile stone i set myself at the beginning of this blog. Hopefully i don't fall short after that little speech :P

Anyway im also happy as i think i played my best poker for a while especially in the final stages of this tournie where i played near perfect.

Pick a good spot to bluff here, not sure why he bets his 99 there but im a donk with a mission so looked a good spot :

Standard 3 way mayhem where i luckbox it:

So get heads up and take this huge pot down; standard call down vs a laggy donk:

So then shipped it finally after dblling him up, when he min 3 bet AQo vs my KJ, and we got it in on J high flop.

So ship that!!!

Rank me one time pls pls pls


Monday, 10 December 2007

You know your night hasn't gone well when you are 1 tabling the 3r

So haven't had internet for a week, thanks very much British telecoms. Bah
so after figuring out I'm with 2 or 3 spots for being ranked i decided play every 10k+ prize pool tournie from 6pm to 12am. This amounted to about 30 tournies, of which i final tabled none and managed only 3 cashes. The worst was busting out of the 100r with ten to go to the $ racing for a top 5 stack. Oh well. Playing tired (thanks to BT's early waker up call telling me there is a fault on my line , I KNOW THERE IS FIX IT!!! i replied) and 16 tabling isn't a good combo. And i pretty much played like a brain dead zombie all night until i tilted off my last 4.
oh well, at least i won a 2k pot in HU just now (sick call down by me when 300 bb deep, 66 on 22784 rainbow board after guy floated and bet turn bet river). im a calling station :P


Monday, 3 December 2007

Donking sundays

Nothing much has happened in pass few days, been playing a bit and my sleeping pattern is completely fucked so ill be trying to stay up all day to get back to normal.
Anyway i managed to go deep in the tilt 750k but busted 135th after i did a terrible 3 bet shove on a J high flop with AK in to an obvious set. That kinda pissed me off, as i was running hot and playing good up till that point. Oh well i always manage to donk that tournie.
Kinda sucks tho.
see ya around

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

7th in 10r and not many cashes

got 7th in the stars rebuy which kinda sucked as i felt i was the best player left in the tourney with two tables left but i played this horribly.
(why on earth i bet the turn, ill never know)
Anyway havent been cashing very much this month but getting occasional wins. Im not sure if this is a good or bad thing. As im closing pretty good but not getting deep that often. Gonna look back on some hand histories and see where im going wrong if i am.
Anyway uim up to 94th in the sliding plb and 115h (i think) in the pro poll. If i get one more score or even a better pro poll i should be able to get ranked soon. I'm right on the cusp of getting ranked but i need more votes in pro poll. Most people dont know me but im gonna try to change that by posting more on the forums in the next couple of weeks. Another score this month wouldnt hurt.
On a separate note the team November plb challenge looks to have been won by team isaih rider. I thought we were close but balla b13 is having a sick month. Putting in one last session tomorrow then taking friday off.


Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Sorry for lack of updates, but back winning

I apologise for lack of updates but i moved to a new flat last week and my internet only got set up on sunday so obviously i couldnt do anything about that. It was nice to have a week off from poker as well giving me a fresh perspective but my sunday tournies didnt go very well with only 1 cash.
Last night didnt go to great either as i only managed 1 cash but it was a win :P.
I took down the 25k on full tilt for 8kish, a pretty crapshoot tournie but once i got a stack i managed to dominate the others especially at the final table.
Some key hands from tournie:
(my two early double ups)
(this was a tough call but decided to gamble even though i know moorman has to have a hand and got lucky)
(card rack?)
(wierd hand here, but i felt the raise and call was pretty weak even from a short stack and decided to squeeze, obv they a re both crazy)
That gave me 3x chip lead which i then increased onthe final table by knocking out the first guy
(obviously i was playing so out of line that this guy manages to call me down in big big pot with bottom pair)
Anyways we final get HU when i win some races vs the shortstacks and get to play the other muppet with a 3x lead. It didnt last long as we got to race and i held
So that was a nice win and all...
here's to getting ranked!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Alas no ranking :(

So im up to 4th in the UK plb rankings and up to 92nd in the sliding plb rankings. So just missed out on getting ranked. Think i need one more 150+ score to move me up to 85thish in the sliding and then ill probably get ranked. Oh well.

Playerd the ftops 300r and managed to get 11k stack for the min buyin (900$) which was nice. But after that i barely got any hands and managed to double once with a flip and then pretty much sizzled out. sigh.
dropped 400$ on cash to add to the 900$ and 300$ stars FO as well as two 50$ FO. which puts me at - 1700$ for the day.

Not gonna play that much this weekend because of im currently moving flats, but hopefully ill make the sunday majors.


Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Deep run in ftops 8

So went round to andys and played the ftops 8 together. Andy bust out halfway through after using up all his luckbox early and losing a flip. But we both played on and managed to grind our 10-20bb stack from 400th to 59th rarely getting above 20 big blinds and not really picking up any hands really. We felt afterwards that we played very well throughout without making any mistakes. Ended up shoving 12bbs with K2o blind on blind into someone with around 30bbs which i felt was a decent shove giving his stack and smaller calling range. However we ran into 55 and good game us.

I'm a bit disappointed but not too fussed. Had a great time playing it and i feel that andy and i have a great grip of the game when playing together. He is well known within the online poker community and has an incredible understanding of poker. Would have been sick if we had got deeper as i felt if we ran hot at any stage and got a stack we could have a real shot of winning it. Oh well. Rankings out tomorrow and i may sneak in but moorman says it will be close. So wish me luck. Don't think ill play mtts tonight and might just have a cash session.


Monday, 12 November 2007

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2nd chance ownage!!!!

So Sunday Majors... normally are shit, this time however something was different. I busted out of party pretty early but had a huge stack in the stars warm up and was top 5 in the mid stages but got fucked on the bubble and managed a 110th or something. So 1 cash so far, and i was going good in the million until i lose a race and have to grind pass the bubble and managed like 600th (not sure about positions). two of 3 cashes from sunday majors so far. I busted ftops with AK vs KJ which kinda sucked. Managed to get a big stack in the mulligan after racing ship happens and winning but the got it in QQ vs 88 and lost. Then obv get it in with AJ vs A2 and lose to bust in 46th. I would of been chip leader in that if i win those two but whatever...

Moving on...

The 2nd chance was sick, i grinded the short stack the whole tournament and then proceeded to dbl up with AA after bubble ended:

Then grinded some more and ran my AA into QQ to dbl again and get a decent stacks:

I kept playing pretty tight due to crapshooty nature of the tournament until this hand where i 4 bet shoved AJs in a good spot where the guy could 3 betting me with any 2 and i have good fold equity.

Here i slow played KK and got a very good turn to get it all in on:

This was a wierd hand with AA with two flats and a nasty board. Decided that he is rarely bluffing me here and probs has JJ mostly so i played it pretty passive as there wasnt much value in betting.

Basically when card dead after that and had to shove KQo here, which was definetly my hand of the tourney:

This hand made me laugh as i made the guy fold the split (AKs), lol at 3 betting AK here and folding to shove:

I love the way i played this hand, got max value out of it while also tilting the guy into making a stupid play a couple of hands later and take control of the final table with a massive chip lead:
guy proceeds to blow up here:

Obviously i am a rack:

When we got to 3 handed i basically ran the table over and had 1.8 mill (other two had 1.6 mill combined) when a deal was suggested. i was reluctant to deal due to my dominating stack and i figured i was the best player. So when they offered 40k (chip count) and i said 42k or nothing we played on. This was fine by me as the blinds had gone up and i was huge.
However disaster struck when this guy 4 outs me with 1 card to come:

I found it very hard not to tilt at this stage as if i busted i would have lost 22k as i hadnt taken the deal. I amanged to grind away and dblled again only to lose some more chips.

Then i sucked out pretty good when i misclicked limped KJs ob the button and decided to shove over a pretty strong bet. I decided to shove as this guy had been pretty weak the whole tournament opening pots and olfding a lot to reshoves, however i run goot:

So we were HU and it didnt last long as i decided to flip here and obv KQs never loses:

pretty sick score especially after turning down deal and getting 4 outered for huge pot. I got pretty lucky in a lot of spots but played pretty sick imo.

Lots of olbs now and have a good shot at being ranked at end of month if i can get a few more scores. Good for plb bet too. And i got pro poll.
Thats two 2nd chance wins in 3 weeks, 49k$ for the win this week too.
Pretty sick i think.
(wow this is a long post)


Saturday, 10 November 2007

unfocused and making stupid plays

Been pretty unfocused this week. And been playing pretty crap mid to late in tourneys and often donking early when i get be bothered. Had 4 decent staks tonite in the ftops 100r, 25k ftp, 60k ftp and stars midnight but didnt cash in any because of a couple of bad plays.

Think my last big win has meant that i dont care so much now. A bit stupid and hopefully i can re focus soon. anyway playing majors at andy's tomorrow and hopefully he can refocus me.


Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Been lazy

Been a bit lay recently as regards to posting my blog. Havent really had much success this month and have had a couple of chances of decent scores scuppered late in the tournament. Came 7th in the 50k on stars a couple of nights ago and could of won it but made a move with AJo on the final table bubble and ran into KK which put me down to the shortstack which kinda sucked as that pot would have given me triple chip lead. Had a couple of thirds in small tournies and a 4th in the tilt 120 KO tourney that had a decent prizepool (7k for the win) but the blinds got stupid towards the end (avg was 12bbs) and i ended up busting in 4th when my QQ went down to 55 all in pre (apprently he hits his 1 out as other guy folded 65). Oh well....

Ftops tonight which should be fun but annoyingly my mate work me up early as i was hoping to sleep until like 6pm here (ftops starts at 2am) so i wouldnt be tired. Unfortunately he called at 2pm and i am now very tired and its only 3pm.

Big sigh....

oh well starting at middnight tonite. wish me luck.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Monday, 29 October 2007

OMG OMG luckboxed a sunday major!!!!


thats all i can say. Just did a 3 way chop for the sunday second chance on stars for 35k. I think i played pretty poorly up to the final table but made the most i could of some poor hands and sucked out nicely when i really needed too.

Here is a brief HH of some o my hands from the tournie:
Do i have good or bad timing here lol......
After losing half my stack to a short stack shove and i spent ages blidning out waiting for a hand. But i couldnt find one for a long long long time. Then the blinds went up and i had 3bbs and 76o facing a utg raise and utg+1 shove. Obv i got some run good cream and called for value managing to suck out pretty good again.

Kind of a loose shove utg but i was tilted after busting mulligan despite having a big big stack early on. I hoped to see tens got them and then won the race. :P
lol one of many races that i won late in this tournie

somehow my incredibly nitty image inspires this guy to shove 22 into my AA. ty sir. obv i hold again.

get it in good again and was surprised to see 77 after opponent tanked as i pair is normally an automatic in this spot but i guess my nitty image had some affect.
Another race won. easy game!
a tough spot here with tens but there are pretty much o Q's in his range and a lot of the times this is complete air (specially as he doesnt shove) or he has AA. luckily no Q or AA and i tid.

one of the sickest allin pres that i have seen in a while. Couldnt believe my luck when they both shoved but i get sucked out on flop and i resuck on turn only for other guy to re re suck on both us lol. Guess i deserved it for earlier tho.

an important race that i won towards the end that ended with me taking back the chip lead.

However after a while 3 handed it became clear that this was going to be a complete crapshoot with 20bs each. So we did a chip chop and played and thankfully i manage to win it outright for the olbs (484ish). A good end to the month and my best ever result.....

so sick

gg jack

ps. moorman also had a great night taking down the 55k on tilt and going deep in both the 750k tilt and the sunday million but it wasnt to be. gg mate.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Another good run in the tilt 6 max 300....

Been running pretty awful in all my tournies recently so it was nice to get a decent result but it could of been so much more. I was top 5 in chips with 30 left and chip leader with 3 tables left.
However i then had a seriously bad run of cards and my stack depleted severely meaning i came into the final table as the shortstack with around 20bbs. I finally pick up a pair of eights and shove only to be called by KQ (for half his stack) and obv losing the all in pre.

Pretty disappointing as i thought i had a gd shot of another big win but i cant argue with 3.4k which is more than i have been making recently.

Here are some hands of the early suckouts that i managed and some hands towards the end that helped me chip up to chip leader without many showdowns.
nit of a bad play by me but i was on tilt by this time due to numerous suckouts in other tournies.
nice to run into a donk with the nuts
really wanted to check raise here with quads but decided not too.
This looked like a chip dump lol... but obv he tried to make a bubble move
nice flop, nice turn and managed to make other guy fold AK

ummmm that's it really. Pretty disapointed with the result but at least im back winning.

oh and i got this message from trojans on pocket fives during the drafting of the november plb teams:

10.25.18:39 by SCTrojans [Reply]

hey man I was just wondering if you planned on playing a good amount in november because I was considering taking you if you were still avaliable - just let me know :) - I k now you probably want to be on team UK but if you are there in 2nd round (which is highly unlikely) i might have to take you because you kill it

lol... getting some respect i see. Which is is pretty cool although i hoped to be one of the first second round picks. Also would have be good to be in trojans team as maybe he will help me run as good as he seems too. Alas moorman picked me in his team which will probably mean i dont get any decent scores next month, thanks chris. hahahaha


Friday, 26 October 2007

running bad still and november plb bet

Sorry i havent posted for a bit, but the last two weeks have been a complete blow out and im lacking motivation to play. I seem to be able to get a good positions for decent scores all the time but then get outdrawn or set up and come 30th or 14th etc.

It's been very frustrating as i had my biggest ever win and since then nada...

I know have the moorman KK curse as i have bust from 50% of mtts with it. It just never holds if there is an A to be found full tilt party or stars will give it.

Im sure this is just a standard bad run. It just sucks.....

On a seperate note ive entered the P5s november plb team challenege and moorman just used his 2nd pick for me. Obv....
You can see the draft process here:

Its 200$ each prop bet where there will be 10 teams of six who add up their 5 best plb scores for the month with the winner taking most of the cash and 2nd getting some too. I assume trojans or allin stevies team will win as they run so good. While me and moorman will pick up last place.
But shld give me some motivaton.



Monday, 22 October 2007

got tempted....

So i banned myself from full tilt and stars for 24hrs (thank god they let u do that) but i got bored so played some $500nl and finally managed to run good for once. Managed to win 4 buyins over 600 hands and then left before my run goot ran out.
(finally a good river)

Im bored so here is a graph of todays run.

Wont play tomorrow or wednesday for sure as im busy. Hopefully ill maintain my 5th position on the UK plb rankings but its not likely.

On a seperate note i was asked to act as a dealer in a movie today which could be fun. Hopefully my natural under confidence wont affect my performance. :P

laters Jack

Sigh, some time off is required

So played last night and while i managed to satelite most of my tournaments i didnt manage one cash which was deeply disapointing. Can't remember losing so many races, 70-30s, and 80-20s. But i guess this is my run bad patch. I've banned my self from stars and full tilt for 24 hours. I plan to not play until saturday. I'm sill up £5k for the month but i was having another 5 figure month and its very disapointing to run this bad. Oh well....

Variance is a cruel mistress.........


Saturday, 20 October 2007

very depressed... worst day of poker in my life

I dropped 3k£ tonight (6k$) by running seriously awful on 2-5$ and managing 1 cash in all my tournaments.

I've been playing pretty good all week but the poker gods have shunned me. Gonna play the majors tomorrow and if i dont do good then im gonna take a week off and try get refocused.



Thursday, 18 October 2007

Poker verdict interview

Oh yeah forgot to say i did an intervier for
It went up the other day but i did the interiew ages ago its kinda crap. But check it out if u want.

10$ rebuy blow ups

So to set the scene ive been the chip leader or in the top 5 since the bubble and there are now 26 left. I Pick up Kc4c in the SB and the button who has 100k less than my 550k stack raises the small stacks big blind. Obviously he canbe raising any two here so i repop him and he insta calls me. Needless to say a rush of blood to the head makes me convinced that he is weak and is gonna pass my check raise all in with bottom pair. Alas he had QQ insta calls and i miss my outs. I go out a couple of hands later. Oh well. next time.
Here is that hand in detail and a few others:
standard isolation with tens here and some guy comes along for nthe ride and is punished for not isolating pre.

a fun little race a took with plenty of dead money in the pot.
I was racing so good last night
and sucking out
This was hilarious. The other big stack chose the wrong moment to slow play AA vs me as obviouly i flop boats every 2 hands. :P

So very disapointed overall but i feel i own the 10r if i can get a stack deep and next time i wont be going crazy.


Tuesday, 16 October 2007

GUKPT: live poker is rigged

So i just bust out of the gukpt without doing much wrong (except maybe my final shove).
It started well as i built my 10k stack up to around 14k in the first level. Then i get KK utg+1 and make it 300 to go and get called by the small blind who loves his suited connectors (and was talking about some big wpt cash earlier). The flop comes AhKh4c and to my delight the guy bets out 500 which i obviously raise to 2k putting him on a big flush draw of some kind. He quickly called only for the turn to bring the 6h, big sigh. He checks and i check behind. River was a blank (pls pair the board) and immediately puts in a pot sized bet. After watching his play it earlier it was apparent that he like to pot his big hands so i fold face up and he shows me Jh10h.
After that i was down to 8k and 20mins later i look down at QQ in small blind. some guy opens for 3x (he had 4.5kish behind) and someone else calls. I squeeze looking to isolate the initial raiser who thinks for a bit and shoves AK. I call and lose the race.
So i play the shortstack for ages and eventually go out shoving 97 utg with 8 BBs and lose to JJ.
It sucks as i was really looking forward to going deep as the standard of play was pretty poor.
I hope moorman and andy fair better tomorrow.


Monday, 15 October 2007

Sunday majors whitewash

As usual i managed 1 cash in sunday majors in the sunday 40k on crypto where i lost a chip lead race on bubble. Standard.
Not much to talk about really. registered for gukpt which starts tomorrow and ill update you on progress tomorrow night.

wish me luck

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Ship me a big tournie win!!!

Sorry i havent posted in a while. The 750k really tilted me and my subsequent final tables this week didnt go well (i made 4 and didnt finish above 7th place). Anyways im feeling much better now.

Just took down the 50k gtd 6 max tournie on full tilt and am feelin on top of the world. LOL.

It was a tournie with a very tough field and i managed to grind to the final table switch gears and take it down. My mate andy helped a lot during the final table, so gonna give him a slice of the prize.

Anyways here is a little walkthrough of my big hands:

I was getting sick pot odds before the flop to call with this v weak hand and managed to hit the flop pretty well and decided to bet out strong as i felt the utg raiser probs has a big A and i dont want him to catch on turn. Nice to dbl as i fade some outs.
this was a fun blind v blind hand. Other guy obv had an A obviously and moorman said he was capable of hero calls so i thought id shove river hoping he would make that hero call alas not.

Ok so i make the final table where somehow everyone is a donk and none of the tough field survived. So i was feeling pretty confident.
This guy had been min betting me a lot and didnt really want to just flat here so made a nice move and got it in with a lot of outs.

feel i misplayed this on the turn and really shouldnt of shoved and instead just bet half my stack.
This was all about trying to get the other guy to shove on me. Which he duly obliged on doing. Ty sir.
bit annoying that he wakes up with a hand straight after the 555 hand but obv i was not folding A7 here.
A nice flip to win.

Pretty much dominated the HU with andy helping me out on most of the hands so that it was impossible for me not to win.

Anyway ship the win. and the 18k. and the plb points. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Sunday, 7 October 2007

cashed in 750k for first time in ages but played so bad

I really let myself down tonight as i got myself in a really good position to go deep in the 750k (2x avg with 200 left) only to make the worse play in my entire life. I'm embarrassed to talk about it really. So lets just say i got it in as a 16% dog for my tournie life (the pot was huge tho, top 5 if i win). I feel sick right now thinking back on it and will probs tilt off in cash. sigh

(obv bubbled million too getting it in set over set)


Thursday, 4 October 2007

weeeeeeeeeeee, i own Crypto Tournies

Took down the 20k gtd on crypto last night after an eventful final table which was its usual crap shoot. Thats 6k for the win but no plb points :(.

Here are my fun hands from the final table:
I didnt really want to bet fold or have the guy float me here so decided to check raise all in a v aggro player. Was very surprised to see tens here and obv i get lucky.
This hand tilted me huge. Obv the guy likes to gamble.
Standard 3 way race. weeeeeee

Such a sick flop, i knew he had AK as well but how can i fold a flopped straight with redraw. Obv i get lucky again
Surprised this guy (who was most aggro player i've ever played against) didnt repop me pre. But i was happy to let him take the lead here and bluff in to me
This was a very marginal call. I timebanked for ages and decided to go for the win. I was grateful to break even in the hand.
Was due a bit of bad luck.
Didnt really wanna see a flop OOP with this hand so just shoved it in.
The final hand. Never folding an A to this guy and i ship the win.

On a separate note i played an awful final table in the 14.5k tonight and busted 8th after having a decent stack. oh well at least i knocked out moorman on final table bubble. LOL


Tuesday, 2 October 2007

What is up with party poker ??

So went deep in 4 tournies tonight and managed only 1 final table.

Firstly i swear the 32k on full tilt will never let me go deep as i obv run my KK into AK mid tourney for the chip lead and lose.
Obviously i cant beat KK with my AK and i busto.

The 25k got off to a gd start when some guy 3 barrells me with 8 high in the first hand as i slow play top set.
I then managed to get some guy to make a hero call against me as i again slow play another set ( i should do this more often)
But obv i bust 18th (not actually sure) shoving AK into A2 and losing to the wheel. sigh.

Then i came 13th in the 6max 20r which i used to run sick in but now i cant seem to get anywhere near the final table.
Which is wierd as the tourney is so full of donks.

Managed to shortstack the super tuesday on stars (i satelited) only to busto in 40th and miss out on 2k. sigh

Anyways to my party rant. Managed a 3rd in the 20k party which was good considering i was short throughout whole tournie and laddered up pretty well. Still it would be nice to get a win on party soon. Or just a win somewhere.


Monday, 1 October 2007

Took a shot at 1000nl...... regret

decided to take a shot at 1000nl last night and ran obscenely bad. lost with bottom set to top pair (runner runner straight), AA to A7, ran top two into bottom set on dry board, KK in AK (A flops) and then tilted off another 2 buyins or so. The players at 1000nl were just completely crazy and confused the hell out of me. Maybe im not at the right level to step up yet and maybe i shld concentrate more on mtts and 500nl.

So i start the month with -6k$, which sucks.

Woke up this morning feeling awful as i have never dropped that much money so quickly and it was kind of a shock. But i got focused and set about getting back (chasing losses is always gd motivation)

Put a lot of hands in at 2-5$ today and won around 4k$ back which was nice, so i am actually down about 2.4k$. still sucks tho....

I've been running pretty sick at 500nl on littlewoods (crypto) and i feel i have a huge edge in this game as the regulars arent even that good. Most British players seem to be just pure gamblers and have no idea on how to play poker profitably. Anyway here is my graph for 500nl on crypto:

(dont know how to make this not blurry so just click on it if u are interested)

Satelited the 1k mondays on full tilt and didnt really get anything going. dblled earlish ( and then didnt find many gd spots. Ended up shoving A2 into Q10 (why he calls i have no idea) and lose the race. (

Didnt really do much in other tournies.

Anyway, heading to bed


Sunday, 30 September 2007

I hate sundays

So played the majors today and didnt cash in a single one. The warm up and party 300k started well before going down hill as usual. I got closest to cashing in the mulligan but ran into a series of coolers and busted 6 from the money. Nothing really went to plan tonight and i didnt really play well at all.

Thankfully i run good on cash at the moment and made back half my buyins so i still made my 20k target this month.

i hate sundays


Friday, 28 September 2007

Another party final table and still no win

So got deep in a couple of tournies tonight but only managed one final table (the party 20k gtd).

I got off to a huge start ending the first hour with 20k in chips and the chip lead after being bluffed at and people generally donking chips to me.
As an example of people gifting me chips:
im not sure what he expects me to pass here.

Made the $ about 6th in chips and then lost a couple of pots and was short with 2 tables left. However i managed to triple up in a series of hands (QQ vs 1010 and 3 betting a bunch) before the final table and had the chip lead. The final table kinda sucked as all i had was JJ which i passed to a utg limp shove (he showed AK and im so behind to his range). But managed to luckbox down to 3 handed where there was a huge chip leader, me and some shortstack.

However instead of getting heads up i obv get AQ on the button and 4 bet shove in to the big stacks QQ. Some people just run hot on final tables, i however am not one of these people.

At least i made my monthly target of profit and upped my plb score but i win would be nice some time. pls pls pls ( i am desperate)

Anyway nite for me


Thursday, 27 September 2007

LOL at Party set ups

So just came 2nd in the party 15k 30 rebuy crapshoot. And a little frustrated at losing the 2k extra i would of picked up for first. Getting it in 3 way (3 handed) with tens vs big stacks 99 and small stacks AK. Obvioulsy a 9 pops out on the turn and i sadface.

Would of have had a shot at a triple crown with that win although i am relieved i wont have to play every tournie on poker stars for the next 5 days. Id probably lose 2k just doing that as i seem to final table everything on stars at the moment or just fuck up the final table itself. Lost KK to K10 on final table bubble of the daily 50k last night.

Oh well some much needed plb points and it moves me closer to my 20k profit target i have made myself this month (only 1200 to go).

Gonna take tomorrow and saturday off probably and will be back for the bankroll drainer that is the sunday tournaments.



Monday, 24 September 2007

I won something! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sorry i havent posted for a while, was at my sisters wedding all weekend. PLayed all the majors last night and didnt get anyway obv.

Anyway today was v good as i woke up and played some cash and shipped around 800£ profit for a couple of hours win. Later i met up with chris moorman (moorman1) who is in london for the ept and is staying at mine (he had a sick win last night btw). Decided to play the midnight tournies through to 3pm. ended up finihsing 5th in the UB 20k for 1k or something and won the 16k 30r on tilt for 4k. Didnt record any hands but did have huge stack with 15 left after grinding most of the tournie and basically played solid and managed to ship the win. Dont have Hand histories, sorry.
but i got it in with KQ vs AA on Q high flop with a lot in the pot and decent equity vs AA and managed to runner runner the straight :P.

laters gg

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Sigh still cant ship a win

So managed to get deep in two tournies tonight the 100$ FO on stars and the 30r on tilt.

Things were up and down for me in the 100$ freezeout and i butchered some hands early on.
Such as this:
why i didnt bet the flop and then bet that turn is beyond me.
But i managed to grind my way to the money and doubled here where i faded a gizzilion outs.
And busted when some donk raised called my shove without the odds with 107 off and hits vs my QJ. Very frustrating.

Anyways i still had a stack in the 30r on tilt and managed to somehow beat trojans allin pre with AK vs his QJ (normally he wins these). I built a huge stack and had double the chips of 2nd and 100bbs when we entered the money. However luck wasnt on my side as i reached the final table and ran QQ into AA and had to grind shortstack to get 6th.

Once again a frustrating night but at least i made a profit.

Sisters wedding this weekend so not playing till sunday.

take care


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Why cant i win???!?!?!?!!!

Well came 5th in the 20 rebuy on stars and so frustrated. Had a decent stack going into the final table and was chip elader with 7 left. However i kept getting 3 bet and so i finally take a stand with 88 and run into QQ obv.
I busted after grinding a short stack and came 5th which sucked big time.

Anyway here are some hands from the tournie:
( i trap you :P)
(i don understand these plays, its just so bad)
(this guy seemed very frustrated after losing most of his chips and the chiplead pretty quickly on final table)
(poker is easy.....)

Anyway bit pissed off with my inability to close a tournament. I didnt do much wrong on the final table and dont know what more i can do.

Oh well, still having a decent month. Just not picking up any plb points.


Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sunday Majors with Shaun deeb

So went round Andy's (tufats) place tonight to play all the majors. This was a particularly gd idea at them time as ShaunDeeb was also there playing the majors. So i got some"gd coaching" and some help with some hands and ended losing a 200bb pot in the wcoop with KK after the flop (he had 2 pair but kinda drawy flop). I also bubbled the warm up and got deep in the 10k 6 max.
Anyway ended coming 4th in 40k on cypto for 3k altho should have won it. but that elusive 20k score is still not realised.

kinda stoned......



Saturday, 15 September 2007

I should really just stake people

Just got back from a stag night and found that i was 4k$ richer after my mate came 7th in the $150k gtd on crypto that i had satelited into yesterday without realising i couldnt play it. That makes takes me to about $10k earnt in just staking people in last month, maybe thats what in should be doing.

Won a 2k pot on 3-6 today. I laughed at the play the guy did. I dont have the hand history but ill detail it here:
$3-$6 NLHE

utg (1k$) minraises to $12
folds to me on button and i call with 86 off (obv)
BB calls
Flop comes 954 rainbow
BB checks, utg bets pot and i call. BB folds
turn 7
utg checks and i bet $88 into $111
utg insta shoves about $950
i obv call a bit bemused
he shows me 76 off and doesnt improve.
Ship me 2k.

I burst out laughing when i saw his hand i mean he basically shipped me 1 and 3/4 buyins whit a huge overbet with a pair and a draw. LMAO

playing the majors tommorrow, already satelited the stars majors so just need to pay for the tilt 1 mill and im sorted.

Im drunk btw.


Friday, 14 September 2007

50 races: no wins

Today i ran sickeningly bad. I didnt make it deep in anyhting and just couldnt win a hand at all. I ran QQ in to KK in the wcoop and lost KK to AK and QQ in the third hand of the second chance. I also dropped about 250+$ on the 10 rebuy which was nice and proved that it wasnt to be my night as i lost allin after allin.

So i cut my losses and decided to play some HU while railing my mates Moorman1 and j4mbo as they went deep in the wcoop 1 and the 2nd chance. Moorman obv busted with 30 left in the second chance losing a flip after the flop (nothing new there). While j4mbo is still going strong and with 135 left and is probably regretting selling 80% of himself for 970$ after getting a big stack early. I hope he goes v deep.

I managed to grind back my losses playing 2-5 6 max and 1-2 HU on cypto.
9just wanted to show this hand as i cant believe i won a buyin here, so lol)

Anyway back on sunday where mb i will win a hand. pls.


Thursday, 13 September 2007

IM GOING TO KILL MY SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight was going to be the night. I was playing great and going deep with stacks in 4 different tournies.

Firstly i manage a 5th in the UB 8k which was fine as i shortstacked the final table. Then i bubble the final table of the tilt 10k 6 max after running JJ into QQ and then losing a race.
I also final table bubble the gcsop 50k after being chip leader with 30 left after i lose 3 races in a row and end up shoving top pair in to a better kicker.

Then i get really deep in the 25k gtd on stars and the 10r. I end up final bubbling the 25k after losing AQ to AJ for chip lead and then going card dead. Sigh.
(nice to dbl vs chip leader early and take the chip lead)
(such gifts)

Ended up shoving J9 sooted with little fold equity blind on blind and lose to AK.

I ended final tabling the 10r and didnt get much on the final table where the play was awful. One annoying player insisted on doubling up all the short stacks so that eventually i shoved tens in to him (he was so loose and was sure i had best hand) but obv he wakes up with QQ and gg me.

Its very frustrating at the moment as i am playing great poker and getting stacks that let me go deep. I thought this one time i would be able to get a huge score in both the 25k and the 10r but it wasnt to be. Maybe ill run good in wcoop but im not getting my hopes up.

gg stars crypto and tilt.

ty v much


Wednesday, 12 September 2007

WSOPE, some wcoop sats and running bad in tournies

Made my way down to leicester sq today to check out the wsope. It was kind of fun walking round railing some of the pros and seeing some familiar names from the online world. Unfortuantely i wasnt able to see helmuth go nuts or any big hands go down. I might pop in again sometime this weekend.

Anyway i ran awful in the tournies tonight and didnt cash once and seemed to get outdrawn by everyone and then just ended up tilting away most of my tournies. sigh.

Played a 3 wcoop sats and managed to get 2 seats to the wcoop 2mill on sunday and the 1k event which is pretty sweet. My bankroll doesnt really enable me to play the big wcoop events so sateliting them is my only option. Im hoping to play well in the 6 max on friday as i figure 6 max to be my best game. We will see....

Anyway taking tomorrow off,
wish me luck on friday


Monday, 10 September 2007

Final table bubble me down

Didnt post last night as i was too frustrated after final table bubbling twice. First i get huge stack in 10k 6max on tilt but inevitbaly get whittled down after losing race after race and bust 11th. Then i am chip leader in gcsop 50k on crpyto with 30 left only to finish in 13th after losing AJ to KJ all in pre. So wasnt in the mood for posting. Getting so close to a big score is frustrating.

Today was pretty much the same, built a huge stack in the early 100$ FO on stars only to go completely card dead with 30 left and bust in 11th after this hand:
sigh at him calling of nearly his whole stack on bare flush draw. I didnt even see heart on river and never considered checking.

Later on i managed to get a big stack in the daily 50k on stars, this being a nice dbl up.
However once again i go card dead when it gets deep and i end up busting 20 something when i run JJ in to KK.

However i did finally make 1 final table, something i thought would never happen again in a big tournie. Managing to triple up in first 5 hands of the party monday super tournament and never really looked back. I made one v bad call on a QQA5 board after 3 betting AJ blind on blind. The villian checked the flop and check raised all in on turn. I call due to pot odds and river an A to beat his Q10. He obviously had a Q and was a silly call by me. However i still manage to make the final table where i short stack myself to 4th place and made a nice suckout here:
(the guy even said AA in chat but i didnt see altho i have decent equity vs an overpair)

Anyway i took 4th for around 2.6k for some nice $$ and a small amount of plb points.

Here's hoping i can run better on stars.



Saturday, 8 September 2007

SCtrojans = cry baby

So i had a fun time playing the 10k gtd 6 max finishing in 5th after being chip leader with 40 left and having to play 3 handed with SCtrojans and pearljammed.

Trojans had a bit of a cry when i busted him in 7th after misclicking with A9 pre to his 3 bet and flopping two pair vs his AK on AJ9 flop (i dont have hand history). Needless to say he went mental in the chat and acted like a child. I have a lot of respect for his game but i have no idea why he behaved like such a wanker when he plays so many tournies every day and is one of the most successful players on the net.

anyways here is the transcript of him crying:

SCTrojans08 (Observer): wow

SCTrojans08 (Observer): yes

SCTrojans08 (Observer): IM SURE

SCTrojans08 (Observer): im sure u misclicked

Doctor_Fun: i never flat there

SCTrojans08 (Observer): after tanking

PearlJammed: :-/

SCTrojans08 (Observer): you are awful

AceWPT (Observer): yikes

scam8: how did dink steed bust?

SCTrojans08 (Observer): shut your face

jbwachter (Observer): pearl can u hook up a 5 spot dude

D FLEEZZY (Observer): trojans is a crybaby

scam8: dink steed = sctrojans

mendoboi (Observer): what happened

SCTrojans08 (Observer): doctor fun

Ruben28 (Observer): thats poker 0_o

Dealer: raiZa has 15 seconds left to act

SCTrojans08 (Observer): plays really bad

SCTrojans08 (Observer): REALLY bad

SCTrojans08 (Observer): and gets really lucky

Dealer: PearlJammed has 15 seconds left to act

mendoboi (Observer): what happend rojans

j4mbo (Observer): such an obv misclick

Dealer: raiZa has 15 seconds left to act

j4mbo (Observer): grow up trojans

SCTrojans08 (Observer): yes obv misclick

SCTrojans08 (Observer): j4mbo

SCTrojans08 (Observer): you are a moron

PearlJammed: eesh

PearlJammed: a;lksdjglk

Dealer: PearlJammed has 15 seconds left to act

jbwachter (Observer): pearl

j4mbo (Observer): why u so angry :/

Dealer: PearlJammed has requested TIME

SCTrojans08 (Observer): why u so stupid =/

j4mbo (Observer): you have played with him alot.

j4mbo (Observer): he never flats there

Dealer: raiZa shows a pair of Aces

Dealer: PearlJammed shows three of a kind, Aces

Dealer: PearlJammed wins the pot (86,800) with three of a

kind, Aces

SCTrojans08 (Observer): of course he does

Tournament Director: The blinds are now 2,000/4,000 with an

ante of 500

Dealer: Hand #3501327213

SangreTica (Observer): lol

raiZa: gc

SCTrojans08 (Observer): because he gets frustrated

SangreTica (Observer): I knew it

all4pearljam (Observer): great call Jon

SCTrojans08 (Observer): and tries to outplay me

SCTrojans08 (Observer): like all the other morons

j4mbo (Observer): lol he told me on msn he misclicked

Doctor_Fun: lol as if

SCTrojans08 (Observer): and they just end up outplaying


j4mbo (Observer): before he said anything

SCTrojans08 (Observer): yea im sure he did

Dealer: PearlJammed has 15 seconds left to act

Dealer: briesenfeld wins the pot (11,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501330930

SCTrojans08 (Observer): HE TANKED IT

j4mbo (Observer): want the log? sigh grow up

SCTrojans08 (Observer): it took him like 15 seconds

SCTrojans08 (Observer): to call

j4mbo (Observer): HE DIDNT TANK

j4mbo (Observer): HE TYHPED ON ME ON MSN

SCTrojans08 (Observer): hes making an excuse

SCTrojans08 (Observer): for playing like a giant idiot

j4mbo (Observer): lol sure

Doctor_Fun: whatever

raiZa: he did good railbirds

Dealer: PearlJammed wins the pot (11,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501335742

SCTrojans08 (Observer): I knew he was frustrated

SCTrojans08 (Observer): because I kept owning him

Dealer: raiZa wins the pot (13,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501338768

D FLEEZZY (Observer): ur the one who got owned

Doctor_Fun: when did u own me lol

SCTrojans08 (Observer): so he played like an idiot

SangreTica (Observer): Sctrojans anyhow... it is poker baby,

suck outs.. part of

D FLEEZZY (Observer): and is crying from the rail

Dealer: raiZa wins the pot (7,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501340610

j4mbo (Observer): Jack says: omg misclick

D FLEEZZY (Observer): and got owned

Dealer: Doctor_Fun wins the pot (28,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501344927

Dealer: pantalar has 15 seconds left to act

Dealer: briesenfeld wins the pot (27,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501350940

j4mbo (Observer): trojans plays 500 tournys a day and gets

wound up by that


anyway, here are some fun hands from the tournie:

(classic set over set cooler)
(people were cold calling my 3 bets so frequently it was a joke, and this guy played his hand so badly - this draw is never gd in a reraised pot and is normally just a bare flush draw unless i have JJ)
(this hand i played very badly, his cold call on the flop suggests huge strength and then i still call his check raiser on turn looking to hit a 2 outer - so so bad)

(luckily people always gift you chips in this tournament)
(this was a tough call from me. I didnt put trojans on much and would have 4 bet shoved here with JJ but the SB shove looks very strong and i am looking at a race or being heavily dominated. He snap shoved so it is never tens here. Also trojans might have woke up with hand. So i think a pass is the right play, however i am obv results orientated and wish i had isolated, lol.)
(finaly my busto hand, where i got unlucky but i wouldnt criticise pearljams call as he was probably priced in with a huge stack).

Anyway, here is hoping i can put another bad beat on Trojans next time i see him and he can hate me even more. haha


Thursday, 6 September 2007

3 final tables.... not much profit

So tonight started off pretty badly with me not winning a pot for what seemed like hrs. Dropped 5 double rebuys in the 50r on stars (which i may now stop playing). Busted most of the tournies i was in.

I did however redeposit on littlewoods where i used to play back in the day. I made the final tables of both tournies i entered ($20k and £6k) busting in 5th and 8th respectively.

Dont have many hands from the 20k but here is a nice suckout on the final table which i busted after losing a race.

Also worked up a huge stack in the 6k mainly due to this awful play (by the other guy obv; i play perfect :P)
but then lost most of it with 15 left when this guy freerolled his way to a 4 flush, sigh.
Short stacked that final table before busting after shoving A10 with no fold equity just hoping other guy didnt have it.

My other final table was in the 18k gtd on party where i managed to get a pretty sick stack in crapshoot tournie.
Running AA into bigstacks AK helps tho:
Came into the final table with the chip lead and looking gd to taking down a decent score. However i made a marginal call with QQ when i thought the guy was shoving an underpair rather than a K or AA. obv i was wrong and busted the tournie shortly after, sigh.

hmmm, what else? Oh yeah i managed to get another huge stack in the 10r on stars but gambled it all away callin a huge 4 bet shove with JJ and losing a big race for chip lead with 350 left.

All in all i didnt even make much profit tonight as the final tables only just covered my buyins in other tournaments which kind of sucks. Also the littlewoods tournaments aren't recognised by P5s so wont be getting any points there. :(


Monday, 3 September 2007

silver_marden (Observer): holy crap doctor fun is good


I finally win a tournament. After several days of final table bubbles and periods of not cashing i finally take something down. It was a relief after being unlucky in a lot of tournaments recently where i felt i was playing well but just ran into coolers or misplayed one hand which fucked the rest of the tournie. Today i ran good.

Things didnt start well tonight when i bubbled the final table of the 15k gtd on stars. I bluffed a huge part of my stack with 17 left and had to grind a short stack, finally busting in 12th. Not that bad considering i had 5 BBs on the bubble. Obv i lose AK to QJ (more on common occurrence that later).

I was also was the bubble boy in the full tilt 10k 6 max which was annoying as i was playing really good in it and just lost a big race right on the bubble. (i wasnt surprised)

Which brings me back to the 10k gtd labor day special (no idea what labor day is) where i had a horrendous start. Flopping the 2nd nuts and losing to runner runner higher straight.

Managed to dbl back quickly a couple of times, for example here where i slow played my KK (probs didnt have to)

(a big race that i lost, which would have made me huge with around 200 left)

But alas quadaments strikes at the right time

This hand really pissed me off as i had just bubbled stars 15k in a similar situation (QJ calling my shove)/ I just dont understand why u would call here with ten bbs. If he had less i would understand (i would call with 5 to 7 bbs). But whatever..... fish will be fish

Luckily people are morons and i tilt shoved here and doubled up. WP 22 sir.

This hand was the hand that won me the tournament. I was actually reluctant to shove here as the BB looks very strong (i didnt think he would cold call that much with just a draw). But not sure what QJ is doing here.

so i made the final table with a 1/4 of the chips in play and quickly dominated the table chipping up to 1/2 of chips in play with 5 left. I made two bad shoves (sucking out on 1 and losing other) but felt that i had generated enough chips with my aggro play to justify gambling in these situations.

This was the final hand HU where i was torn about calling as i was sure i was beat. My kicker was no good and i mite aswell be calling with AQ. But i felt i could gamble here and as i had 2 to 1 chip lead and my coin flip told me to call.

And voila i finally win again.

This should get me close to the rankings as i reckon i need around 3.8k or so to get ranked (currently on 3337 plb points and 7th in UK rankings). This win will help me there.

I feel it is only a matter of time before i am ranked and am really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed i make it. However i also acknowledge i have serious flaws in my game that need to be worked on and obviously i will keep trying to work on them.

take care,

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

siiiiiiiiiiiigh at donks

so i build up a huge stack in the 22 1 rebuy 1 addon mainly thru these hands:
(i pass AA here)
(same guy obv has AA here id pass rag flop to his shove)
Anyway with 26 left this absolute moron floats my check raise (for half his stack) with 7 high and gutshot and calls my shove on turn when 7 hits. I have no idea what is thought process was but obv this put me on tilt and i busted soon after. siiiiiiiiiigh

One positive was that i came third for 1.2k in the early party 100$ FO which was ok even tho i fucked up one hand when i thought i rivered straight and value raised it only to realise i had misread board. oh well.

gg guys, my head hurts.


The tilting Wasp

Last night wasnt very fun, i got stung by a wasp at 2am. I mean wtf!!! Dont wasps sleep. Anyway the sting put me on tilt somewhat and i busted out of everything pretty quickly and failed to hit any final tables. Had another deep run at the 50-50 maintaining a decent chip lead until there were 60 left, then i lost QQ to 55. and finally bust in a massive pot when i shovd my riverred flush vs the nuts where i shld of just called any river bet.

effin wasp.


Sunday, 26 August 2007

GSOP bust and a couple of final tables

First up i'd like to congratulate j4mbo on making the final table in the gutshot Main event. Coming into the day with 12bbs and making it to back to back final tables (he won it last year) is pretty sick. gl tomorrow.
I obv bust out early in that with a set of aces vs a flush when the guy had no right to draw with the small implied odds given my smallish stack.

Anyway today was the majors and i played most them except the million ( i got to draw the line somewhere). Firstly i bubbled the party 300k which kinda sucked as i had built a decent stack early on but luck wasnt with me. Except here:
Managed to go deep in warmup and shortstacked it at the end finally busting with A10 (my nemesis busting hand at the mo). Managed 102nd or something which was alright. Seem to always do pretty deep in the warm up but never that deep. lol.

Bust the UB 200k after getting a nice stack early, busting after getting caught restealing with 44.
This was a decent sized pot where i felt i had to get it all in with the twovers and gutshot giving the pot and what i had invested. Thankfully gutshots do sometimeshit.

Was building decent stacks in a lot of the big tournies tonight but just kept getting unlucky everywhere.
Picked up some chips in the tilt 700k early with this hand:
But eventually the donks got to me when i lost KK to AQ allin pre and then this when i was getting short. Well played 55 sir.

That was the end of the majors.

had another decent run at the 10r on stars which had over 2500 entrants and i was well up for winning this on as it was 20k for 1st. But busted 67th after running KK into QQ for a huge pot and obviously getting sucked out on.

Also got coolered in a huge 200bb pot in the stars midnight 100$ which was nice. Next time i wont slow play KK:

Did make two final tables in the two 20 rebuys on full tilt but busted in 9th (running AA into QJ obv) and 4th. sigh.
(ty for slowplaying)
(how did i hold)
(nice bubble play :P)

Anyway bit disapointed as i had a decent shot at some $$ but it wasnt to be yet again.
Till next time


Thursday, 23 August 2007

2 final tables...

Today was gd fun. I made two final tables (stars 25k gtd and party 18k) and feel im playing/begin luckier now than i have been in the past week. Have been questioning my game recently so has been nice to finally put a run together

Things didnt get off to a gd start as i seemed to get outdrawn most of the night (GB2005 gave me a classic runner runner backdoor flush in the tilt 30 rebuy).

The party 25k was fun even though the tournie is such a crapshoot towards the end.
some fun hands:
(a nice tilt call)
(so +ev vs party donks)
(very nice turn)
Ended up losing HU to a very bad player who seemed to catch everything. I just couldnt break his 4 to 1 chip lead.

Later on in the night i managed another final table in the stars 25k gtd busting in 6th in a race vs fellow brit zpaceman. Would have been nice for my 44 to hold up as apart from GB2005 i felt i was the best player on the table but it wasnt to be.

(still in deep in fifty-fifty on tilt so fingers crossed)
Some nice plb points for me tho.

Planning on stayingup all day in order to sleep enough to be awake for the gutshot main event.

This weekend should be fun,


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Another day another bad beat.....

played the usual tournies tonight and things didnt go to well.

here are my bad beat stories:

In the daily 50k i built up a huge stack and was in the top 5 with 100 to go.
tough spot to call with bottom set here. But i thought my set was gd as a higeher set or a straight was unlikely and the board was sooo draw heavy. So i went with it. Anyway i ended up busting in 70th after losing 4 overpairs to A rags. sigh.

went deep in the 50r and busted in 24th (18 paid) in a race for the chip lead.

Ran KK into AA on $50 1 rebuy 1 addon on the bubble..... tooo obv!!

Also went deep in the 25k gtd on stars. Tripled up early in 3 way allin pre with AA vs KK and 22 (wtf?). I passed stupidly passed AA on a dry flop to a very nitty player and he showed me KK. so obv went on tilt and managed to chip anyway and came 22nd after AK sooted beats my AA all in pre. obviously!!!!!

Did get one gd result tho coming 2nd in the UB 8k after being in top 5 for most of the tournie eventually losing to GB2005 HU.

A high i call, lmao
such a bad call

at least i got some plb points....


Live Poker - Eazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy game

Didnt play any tournies last night, instead i decided to join j4mbo and gaucho for a bit of live cash fun. I ran pretty sick making a total profit of £1k. Firstly i get AA back to back, getting paid on my second one. Then i ran JJ in to gauchos 87 on a 10 8 6 board in a reraised pot and stacked him (WOOT), not sure gaucho was taking it seriously altho he does have decent equity vs my hand. Then a flop a straight with 87 on a J 10 9 5 2 board and pot it till the river where my value bet gets paid of by two people. After that i just picked up some dead money and cashed out.
Heading back to the mtts tonight. feeling confident for a win.

think im due...


Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The high stakes balla, the mid stakes pro, the tournie phenom and the face

Met up with some friends to play the sunday majors together. My mate jamie (the face) knows gaucho (the highstakes balla) from full tilt and we went round to his flat where he was staying while on holiday in london. We also met with andy (the mid stakes pro) who came round and talked about levelling his oppenents a lot, lmao.

Anyway we all played the ftops main event and the sunday million, while i obv played all the majors. Jamie and andy went the deepest in the ftops ME both cashing for a small profit. I also cashed in the stars warm up and a couple of other small tournies. Obv i bubbled the million running my K high flush into the nut flush for a huge pot (my check raise all in on the river was not neccassary lol).

So sundays didnt go to well as always. I also played some 2-4 HU cash and dropped 2k to this absolute luckbox (altho some of plays were marginal). Yesterday i headed over to the gutshot poker club to satelite in to the main event there. This tournament looks particuarly sick with a 1000$ entry and with the same structure from the wsop ME. I obv got my seat with 1 bb to spare, which was nice. I have never seen such awful satelite play in my life. Some guy was nearly all in with his BB (had 400 left over) and the big stack on the table limped in. The BB checked to the big stack who only had to put 400 more in to an 12000 pot in order to put this guy all in. The big stack asked the guy "you checked?" and then insta mucks, WTF ?!?!?!?!
The place went mental and i was a bit pissed off as this looked like stone cold collusion. However Jamie (the face) told me that this guy was just awful and hadnt really played much. Moron.

Heading out tonight for some food with jam and gaucho, then moving on to the western to play some live cash which should be fun. Its nice to have a break from the grind of online poker. Ill be playing again tomorrow thru friday hopefully, the its the gutshot ME (3 day event).

take care'
Jack (tournie phenom :P:P:P:P)

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Finally shipping myself a win

I've been a bit depressed about poker recently. I've been running badly and not getting any decent results. I've been having doubts about my game in general and made me think that i was just a luckbox :P. However i've been playing pretty well today and yesterday and just havent had the breaks. Last night i won 1 race out of 12, lol. It was getting a bit sick and i was a bit fed up. I also spent a shit load trying to sat the 2.5k ftops event with no luck. So have been a bit down as my tilt and stars balances have shrunk somewhat.

Tonight i played all my usual tournies and i felt i was playing pretty gd. I went deep in the 12k 6 max eventually coming 12th, inevitably losing a big race with AK. Dblled early with a nice 3 bet and flop to go with it :P, not sure bout his river shove but ty v much sir

And shipped a nice cooler as well

After this i busted the 300$ on stas and the 15k.

Had a decent stack in UB after dblling early after some guy called of his whole stck drawing to a split:
Then i just grinded away until some donk 10th levelled me and called my turn shove with K high and flush draw, lmao. This guy is just too good.

Went deep in the 50k on stars coming 72nd. Never seem to go too deep in this tournie. but some nice donk plays here.
(calling flop raise out of position with over cards)
(this made me laugh and cry)

Was on a wee bit of tilt after that last hand but thankfully the i got off to a flying start in the 10r after a mad card rush just after rebuy period. managed to stay in the top 5 until their were around 300 left when this happened. Bubble me down...

Came 26th in 50r on stars after a fairly uneventful tournie where i mostly grinded a shortstack.

Finally however i managed to ship my self a win in the 8.5k 20r on tilt. It was a bit of a crapshoot at the end and i made a couple of mistakes on the final table such as:
(this was against a tight solid player who rarely gets out of line and should of passed)
(nice typo raise)
(this guy was a donk and top pair = nuts vs him)

Anyway ship me 3k for the win and some plb points. Still down for the weekend but feeling better about poker in general.
(guy who came 2nd to me in that tournie gets revenge on me in 8.5k 6max 20r by obv 5 betting all in with 88 -

Tomorrow is the majors and hopefully i will cash in some :P, mb even go deep.


Thursday, 16 August 2007

win cash lose tournies

played some cash and some tournies yesterday. Ran pretty good on cash playing some full ring 1$/2$ and some HU 1$/2$. The HU games on stars on tilt are so easy to beat these days and probably the most profitable games to play. I started playing them in order to improve my HU game in tournaments but quickly found they were quite profitable. Occasionally i will run in to a solid regular on HU and i normally just leave after 20 mins or so but if i find a donk with a big bankroll then i could play all day.
Found one nice donkeyt on stars who gifted me two buyins:
Ty sir

Obviously tho i didnt run so good in my tournaments. Early on i didnt get anything going in the tilt 10k 6 max and decided to go with tens against a pretty LAG player

Then after grinding a decent stack in the 6pm 100$ on stars, some guy makes the worst call of his life and sucks out on me. How on earth he can call here is beyond me, crap two pair on this board. I calculated that there were 5,675,643 hands that were beating him :P
I then tilt shove KQ in to AK and suck out very nicely:
I then obv run KK into AA to end my tournament :( :( :(

Was doing pretty well in the 20r on tilt despite not dblling at all during the rebuy period (i obv dropped liek 8 rebuys sigh). dblled quickly after rebuy period tho when this guy decided to call my 4 bet with J10 and open shove a QQ10 board. I dont know if he thought he was value betting or thought i would fold (i'm not folding anything here specially not KK)
The i make this resteal and run into a bigger hand. I could of passed to 4 bet but when im tilting i tend to always make these calls and hope for a race/suckout lol. No such luck here.

The 32k didnt go so well either and i seemed to misplay every hand.
Here i obv wanted action but his bet is weak there seems to be no chance of him calling my 4 bet in the turn. I think in hindsight a call would have been better, maybe looking to check raise all in on the river.
I hate my play in this hand, there is no way i have this guy dominated as i doubt he is 3 betting AQ or worst. This was kinda the story of my night misplaying nearly every hand and this was no different. This was an easy fold.

The only tournament i got remotely deep in was the 30 rebuy on tilt where i had an average stack with 25 left (18 paid). Some how i inevitably bubbled shoving 3 betting 77 blind on blind and calling the guys 4 bet shove. He shows KK i dont improve. gg.
There were some fun hands in that tournie, specifically when i 3 bet a minraise with JJ only to get 3 callers and flopped quads. i check it down hoping for some one to boat up. They all brick and the shortstack takes a tiny stab at it and folds my shove. Sometimes i wanna bet so weak in pots like these just so i can get a call from somewhere or for someone to make a move on me. oh well.

Played an omaha 10$ rebuy as well and was doing pretty decently considering my skill at omaha.
it was gd fun but my luck could last and i made a couple of bad calls with 3rd nuts etc and was out....

Ah well, another bad night with no scores. I have however broken into the top 10 UK ranked players on P5s which is nice lol.

Probs gonna take day off today and play tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I wish i was as good as J4mbo!

returned to the felt today after staying up all day and taking a 2hr nap before the nights tournies started. I didnt really perform to best abilities tonight and haven't really for a while. I'm not sure what it is but im gonna take a few days off so i can come back refreshed and feeling better about things.

So after last nights windfall i decided to buy straight in to the 1k 6 max ftops event. I've been looking forward to this event for a while as i think i have a good 6 max game. Anyway thing got off to a gd start and i worked my stack up to 5k pretty quickly. However i had to lay down tens on a pretty scary board to what i percieved to be a bigger pocket pair, mb AcKc or some random suited connector with a 7 in. Anyway there was no way i could call here with tens which kind off pissed me off.
After this i was kinda short and grinded for a while before getting reraised with JJ and deciding to call and check raise all in on a low flop. Needed to dbl or get some chips so when the flop came ten high i check shoved in to KK. good game me.

The night didnt get any better as i got knocked out of the 55k gtd cold calling a 3 bet with AA and getting it in on a Jigh flop against JJ. ouch.
I then get owned by andy mcleod, in the 25k on full tilt, who limp calls 64 vs my AA and flops straight against my set on the turn which kinda sucked.

My 20r 5 max was a bit of a roller coaster as i ended the rebuy period as chip leader and got in some tough spots. Firstly i suck out vs overpair when committed to this pot:
Then i raise KK and get rewarded with an A high flop. However this guy was a huge donk and i couldnt put him on an A here (mainly cos of his big bet on the river) so i called him down:
This was a nce little limped pot where i chased my flush and straight draw. Checkraising this guy on the river hoping he had a little something and was surprised when he called wih just top pair (lol donks):
After losing a few pots i shove on this guys minraise only to lose the race and get crippled. gg

had a nice suck out in the 30k 6 max after losing to a 3 outer and going on some marginal tilt:
a bit sick i admit :P
I bust later when the same guy shoves on me and i call with AQ only to lose another 60-40:

At this point i was doing well in 3 tournies: the 30k (above), the stars 20k and the UB 13k.

I was doing really well in the 20k on stars getting to the final 40 and 5th in chips. However stars had a different path for me as i get rewarded for raising 33 by getting stacked on this sick flop.
I wasnt surprised that he turned over 55 as he looked very strong, but not sure i will ever lay down bottom set in a tournie on that board.
a bit sick

I then imediately bubble both the 30k on tilt (as above) and the UB 13k. UB pisses me off as i didnt put a foot wrong in the tournie and got reward by losing to 3 successive 3 outers to bust....

sigh so another bad day, dropping 1k and not feeling gd,
gonna take a break for a couple of days now and try not to think about poker. I might even go outside :P

Jack (I wish i ran like j4mbo)

Monday, 13 August 2007

Profitable nights sleep

Wierd night...

So i start the majors and bust early in the party and warmup. standard.
Then i start playing the rest of them and the power gets cut from all the houses on my street. GG majors.

So i call up my friend (j4mbo) and tell him to play all the majors for me. He's a gd player but without much online mtt experience and a bit rusty. I head off expecting a phone call in the morning saying he had bubbled everything.

To my surprise i get a call at 5am saying he was down to the last 100 in ftops event 6.
Jamie ends up finishing in 12th for 12k and 300 plb points. woot. i take 50% for staking him and have a the most profitbale sleep. SHIP!!!


Sunday, 12 August 2007

I will go deep in a major!!!

its the sundays majors and i'm ready to cry at the amount of $ i am going to lose.
However tonight i am determined to go deep in a major.
Going to be playing the following:
Party 300k
stars sunday million
stars sunday warmup
ftops mill gtd
sunday mulligan
UB 200k
bodog 100k

wish me luck...


Saturday, 11 August 2007

Not much going on

Didnt really play much today as i was feeling pretty tired from this morning. PLayed 5 tournies in total: Ftops Omaha, Ftops 100r, stars daily 50k, ironman freeroll and the 10r.

The omaha tournie went as expected and i busted early in a hand which i shldnt have even been in (i did have plenty of outs).

the other tournies were pretty much a waste of time as i busted pretty early in all of them not winning any pots at all ( except this one).

I did however have a decent start to the 100 rebuy ftops event getting to 9k before shoving KJ in the last hand of the rebuy period (i had no idea it was the last hand) and getting overcalled by some other guy with a 7k stack who also had KJ. Needless to say he 4 flushed me and i was down to 2k and unable to rebuy at the end of the period. This sucked as there were plenty of satelite players on my table who i know i could dominate with a decent stack. Alas it wasnt to be so i tilted off my stack in one very bad call down, sigh.

oh well at least i had that small win this morning in the turbo hundo (i hope turbos count in the PLB, im not sure they do).

Arsenal game tomorrow which shld be fun then another ftops event in the evening, YAY!


Friday, 10 August 2007

DONKEYS OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im feeling a little sick right now. just had a shocking night busting out of everything with no cashes.
Donkeys are owning me right now and it sucks.

First i bust nightly 100k making an awful call on the river when im obv beat.

Then i bust the 20 rebuy on stars when Apestyles shoved on a v weak minraise and i over called with tens knowing i was ahead. But obv the top ranked pros always peel the 3 outer. sigh.

Busted 50k after someguy minraises A4 utg and cold calls my 3 bet. Flop 447. i shove my 99. and he slowrolls me. wanted to kill someone after that (i didnt, just my kitten :P)

Then i bust 50r on tilt to another donk 4 bet shove with a shit hand and hitting their 3 outer again.

The 100$ FO on stars also didnt go my way after i tilt paid off this guy when he calls 2 barrells with bare flush draw. Obv.

Things seemed to go better in the 100$ 6 max 30k where i built a decent stack early on mainly because of this hand:
(stop and go's are crap btw)
But obv the donks got to me eventually when this guy just couldnt pass K10 off. sigh

The big tournie of the night was the Pot limit holdem ftops event that i had satelited in to last night. As i was freerolling i played a little too loose and got crippled by allinstevie (fellow UK pro)
who rivered 2 pair with his AJ vs my AK. but managed to dbl back to 2500 pretty quickly from 250 chips, yay me.
(the only suckout i had all night)
(sometimes i own donks!)
but in the end i went card dead and played too tight to get any chips and ended up busting in 345th.

The only plus point for the night was that i managed to satelite in to tonights omaha ftops tournie for 50$. This is quite an achievment as i would say my omaha game is very poor but at least im freerolling for tomorrow night which shld be fun (might need some help tho).

Tonight the donkeys owned me, tomorrow they die!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha
(im a little pissed off)

Thanks for all the comments and support,

update: decided to play the turbo hundo at 6 am and ended up luckboxing my way to 2nd for 4k.
after the night i had i dont think i ever to expected to run so well, only lost one race and was outdrawing overpairs all over the place. Obv there wasnt any skill involved but nice cash all the same.