Sunday, 30 September 2007

I hate sundays

So played the majors today and didnt cash in a single one. The warm up and party 300k started well before going down hill as usual. I got closest to cashing in the mulligan but ran into a series of coolers and busted 6 from the money. Nothing really went to plan tonight and i didnt really play well at all.

Thankfully i run good on cash at the moment and made back half my buyins so i still made my 20k target this month.

i hate sundays


Friday, 28 September 2007

Another party final table and still no win

So got deep in a couple of tournies tonight but only managed one final table (the party 20k gtd).

I got off to a huge start ending the first hour with 20k in chips and the chip lead after being bluffed at and people generally donking chips to me.
As an example of people gifting me chips:
im not sure what he expects me to pass here.

Made the $ about 6th in chips and then lost a couple of pots and was short with 2 tables left. However i managed to triple up in a series of hands (QQ vs 1010 and 3 betting a bunch) before the final table and had the chip lead. The final table kinda sucked as all i had was JJ which i passed to a utg limp shove (he showed AK and im so behind to his range). But managed to luckbox down to 3 handed where there was a huge chip leader, me and some shortstack.

However instead of getting heads up i obv get AQ on the button and 4 bet shove in to the big stacks QQ. Some people just run hot on final tables, i however am not one of these people.

At least i made my monthly target of profit and upped my plb score but i win would be nice some time. pls pls pls ( i am desperate)

Anyway nite for me


Thursday, 27 September 2007

LOL at Party set ups

So just came 2nd in the party 15k 30 rebuy crapshoot. And a little frustrated at losing the 2k extra i would of picked up for first. Getting it in 3 way (3 handed) with tens vs big stacks 99 and small stacks AK. Obvioulsy a 9 pops out on the turn and i sadface.

Would of have had a shot at a triple crown with that win although i am relieved i wont have to play every tournie on poker stars for the next 5 days. Id probably lose 2k just doing that as i seem to final table everything on stars at the moment or just fuck up the final table itself. Lost KK to K10 on final table bubble of the daily 50k last night.

Oh well some much needed plb points and it moves me closer to my 20k profit target i have made myself this month (only 1200 to go).

Gonna take tomorrow and saturday off probably and will be back for the bankroll drainer that is the sunday tournaments.



Monday, 24 September 2007

I won something! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sorry i havent posted for a while, was at my sisters wedding all weekend. PLayed all the majors last night and didnt get anyway obv.

Anyway today was v good as i woke up and played some cash and shipped around 800£ profit for a couple of hours win. Later i met up with chris moorman (moorman1) who is in london for the ept and is staying at mine (he had a sick win last night btw). Decided to play the midnight tournies through to 3pm. ended up finihsing 5th in the UB 20k for 1k or something and won the 16k 30r on tilt for 4k. Didnt record any hands but did have huge stack with 15 left after grinding most of the tournie and basically played solid and managed to ship the win. Dont have Hand histories, sorry.
but i got it in with KQ vs AA on Q high flop with a lot in the pot and decent equity vs AA and managed to runner runner the straight :P.

laters gg

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Sigh still cant ship a win

So managed to get deep in two tournies tonight the 100$ FO on stars and the 30r on tilt.

Things were up and down for me in the 100$ freezeout and i butchered some hands early on.
Such as this:
why i didnt bet the flop and then bet that turn is beyond me.
But i managed to grind my way to the money and doubled here where i faded a gizzilion outs.
And busted when some donk raised called my shove without the odds with 107 off and hits vs my QJ. Very frustrating.

Anyways i still had a stack in the 30r on tilt and managed to somehow beat trojans allin pre with AK vs his QJ (normally he wins these). I built a huge stack and had double the chips of 2nd and 100bbs when we entered the money. However luck wasnt on my side as i reached the final table and ran QQ into AA and had to grind shortstack to get 6th.

Once again a frustrating night but at least i made a profit.

Sisters wedding this weekend so not playing till sunday.

take care


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Why cant i win???!?!?!?!!!

Well came 5th in the 20 rebuy on stars and so frustrated. Had a decent stack going into the final table and was chip elader with 7 left. However i kept getting 3 bet and so i finally take a stand with 88 and run into QQ obv.
I busted after grinding a short stack and came 5th which sucked big time.

Anyway here are some hands from the tournie:
( i trap you :P)
(i don understand these plays, its just so bad)
(this guy seemed very frustrated after losing most of his chips and the chiplead pretty quickly on final table)
(poker is easy.....)

Anyway bit pissed off with my inability to close a tournament. I didnt do much wrong on the final table and dont know what more i can do.

Oh well, still having a decent month. Just not picking up any plb points.


Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sunday Majors with Shaun deeb

So went round Andy's (tufats) place tonight to play all the majors. This was a particularly gd idea at them time as ShaunDeeb was also there playing the majors. So i got some"gd coaching" and some help with some hands and ended losing a 200bb pot in the wcoop with KK after the flop (he had 2 pair but kinda drawy flop). I also bubbled the warm up and got deep in the 10k 6 max.
Anyway ended coming 4th in 40k on cypto for 3k altho should have won it. but that elusive 20k score is still not realised.

kinda stoned......



Saturday, 15 September 2007

I should really just stake people

Just got back from a stag night and found that i was 4k$ richer after my mate came 7th in the $150k gtd on crypto that i had satelited into yesterday without realising i couldnt play it. That makes takes me to about $10k earnt in just staking people in last month, maybe thats what in should be doing.

Won a 2k pot on 3-6 today. I laughed at the play the guy did. I dont have the hand history but ill detail it here:
$3-$6 NLHE

utg (1k$) minraises to $12
folds to me on button and i call with 86 off (obv)
BB calls
Flop comes 954 rainbow
BB checks, utg bets pot and i call. BB folds
turn 7
utg checks and i bet $88 into $111
utg insta shoves about $950
i obv call a bit bemused
he shows me 76 off and doesnt improve.
Ship me 2k.

I burst out laughing when i saw his hand i mean he basically shipped me 1 and 3/4 buyins whit a huge overbet with a pair and a draw. LMAO

playing the majors tommorrow, already satelited the stars majors so just need to pay for the tilt 1 mill and im sorted.

Im drunk btw.


Friday, 14 September 2007

50 races: no wins

Today i ran sickeningly bad. I didnt make it deep in anyhting and just couldnt win a hand at all. I ran QQ in to KK in the wcoop and lost KK to AK and QQ in the third hand of the second chance. I also dropped about 250+$ on the 10 rebuy which was nice and proved that it wasnt to be my night as i lost allin after allin.

So i cut my losses and decided to play some HU while railing my mates Moorman1 and j4mbo as they went deep in the wcoop 1 and the 2nd chance. Moorman obv busted with 30 left in the second chance losing a flip after the flop (nothing new there). While j4mbo is still going strong and with 135 left and is probably regretting selling 80% of himself for 970$ after getting a big stack early. I hope he goes v deep.

I managed to grind back my losses playing 2-5 6 max and 1-2 HU on cypto.
9just wanted to show this hand as i cant believe i won a buyin here, so lol)

Anyway back on sunday where mb i will win a hand. pls.


Thursday, 13 September 2007

IM GOING TO KILL MY SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight was going to be the night. I was playing great and going deep with stacks in 4 different tournies.

Firstly i manage a 5th in the UB 8k which was fine as i shortstacked the final table. Then i bubble the final table of the tilt 10k 6 max after running JJ into QQ and then losing a race.
I also final table bubble the gcsop 50k after being chip leader with 30 left after i lose 3 races in a row and end up shoving top pair in to a better kicker.

Then i get really deep in the 25k gtd on stars and the 10r. I end up final bubbling the 25k after losing AQ to AJ for chip lead and then going card dead. Sigh.
(nice to dbl vs chip leader early and take the chip lead)
(such gifts)

Ended up shoving J9 sooted with little fold equity blind on blind and lose to AK.

I ended final tabling the 10r and didnt get much on the final table where the play was awful. One annoying player insisted on doubling up all the short stacks so that eventually i shoved tens in to him (he was so loose and was sure i had best hand) but obv he wakes up with QQ and gg me.

Its very frustrating at the moment as i am playing great poker and getting stacks that let me go deep. I thought this one time i would be able to get a huge score in both the 25k and the 10r but it wasnt to be. Maybe ill run good in wcoop but im not getting my hopes up.

gg stars crypto and tilt.

ty v much


Wednesday, 12 September 2007

WSOPE, some wcoop sats and running bad in tournies

Made my way down to leicester sq today to check out the wsope. It was kind of fun walking round railing some of the pros and seeing some familiar names from the online world. Unfortuantely i wasnt able to see helmuth go nuts or any big hands go down. I might pop in again sometime this weekend.

Anyway i ran awful in the tournies tonight and didnt cash once and seemed to get outdrawn by everyone and then just ended up tilting away most of my tournies. sigh.

Played a 3 wcoop sats and managed to get 2 seats to the wcoop 2mill on sunday and the 1k event which is pretty sweet. My bankroll doesnt really enable me to play the big wcoop events so sateliting them is my only option. Im hoping to play well in the 6 max on friday as i figure 6 max to be my best game. We will see....

Anyway taking tomorrow off,
wish me luck on friday


Monday, 10 September 2007

Final table bubble me down

Didnt post last night as i was too frustrated after final table bubbling twice. First i get huge stack in 10k 6max on tilt but inevitbaly get whittled down after losing race after race and bust 11th. Then i am chip leader in gcsop 50k on crpyto with 30 left only to finish in 13th after losing AJ to KJ all in pre. So wasnt in the mood for posting. Getting so close to a big score is frustrating.

Today was pretty much the same, built a huge stack in the early 100$ FO on stars only to go completely card dead with 30 left and bust in 11th after this hand:
sigh at him calling of nearly his whole stack on bare flush draw. I didnt even see heart on river and never considered checking.

Later on i managed to get a big stack in the daily 50k on stars, this being a nice dbl up.
However once again i go card dead when it gets deep and i end up busting 20 something when i run JJ in to KK.

However i did finally make 1 final table, something i thought would never happen again in a big tournie. Managing to triple up in first 5 hands of the party monday super tournament and never really looked back. I made one v bad call on a QQA5 board after 3 betting AJ blind on blind. The villian checked the flop and check raised all in on turn. I call due to pot odds and river an A to beat his Q10. He obviously had a Q and was a silly call by me. However i still manage to make the final table where i short stack myself to 4th place and made a nice suckout here:
(the guy even said AA in chat but i didnt see altho i have decent equity vs an overpair)

Anyway i took 4th for around 2.6k for some nice $$ and a small amount of plb points.

Here's hoping i can run better on stars.



Saturday, 8 September 2007

SCtrojans = cry baby

So i had a fun time playing the 10k gtd 6 max finishing in 5th after being chip leader with 40 left and having to play 3 handed with SCtrojans and pearljammed.

Trojans had a bit of a cry when i busted him in 7th after misclicking with A9 pre to his 3 bet and flopping two pair vs his AK on AJ9 flop (i dont have hand history). Needless to say he went mental in the chat and acted like a child. I have a lot of respect for his game but i have no idea why he behaved like such a wanker when he plays so many tournies every day and is one of the most successful players on the net.

anyways here is the transcript of him crying:

SCTrojans08 (Observer): wow

SCTrojans08 (Observer): yes

SCTrojans08 (Observer): IM SURE

SCTrojans08 (Observer): im sure u misclicked

Doctor_Fun: i never flat there

SCTrojans08 (Observer): after tanking

PearlJammed: :-/

SCTrojans08 (Observer): you are awful

AceWPT (Observer): yikes

scam8: how did dink steed bust?

SCTrojans08 (Observer): shut your face

jbwachter (Observer): pearl can u hook up a 5 spot dude

D FLEEZZY (Observer): trojans is a crybaby

scam8: dink steed = sctrojans

mendoboi (Observer): what happened

SCTrojans08 (Observer): doctor fun

Ruben28 (Observer): thats poker 0_o

Dealer: raiZa has 15 seconds left to act

SCTrojans08 (Observer): plays really bad

SCTrojans08 (Observer): REALLY bad

SCTrojans08 (Observer): and gets really lucky

Dealer: PearlJammed has 15 seconds left to act

mendoboi (Observer): what happend rojans

j4mbo (Observer): such an obv misclick

Dealer: raiZa has 15 seconds left to act

j4mbo (Observer): grow up trojans

SCTrojans08 (Observer): yes obv misclick

SCTrojans08 (Observer): j4mbo

SCTrojans08 (Observer): you are a moron

PearlJammed: eesh

PearlJammed: a;lksdjglk

Dealer: PearlJammed has 15 seconds left to act

jbwachter (Observer): pearl

j4mbo (Observer): why u so angry :/

Dealer: PearlJammed has requested TIME

SCTrojans08 (Observer): why u so stupid =/

j4mbo (Observer): you have played with him alot.

j4mbo (Observer): he never flats there

Dealer: raiZa shows a pair of Aces

Dealer: PearlJammed shows three of a kind, Aces

Dealer: PearlJammed wins the pot (86,800) with three of a

kind, Aces

SCTrojans08 (Observer): of course he does

Tournament Director: The blinds are now 2,000/4,000 with an

ante of 500

Dealer: Hand #3501327213

SangreTica (Observer): lol

raiZa: gc

SCTrojans08 (Observer): because he gets frustrated

SangreTica (Observer): I knew it

all4pearljam (Observer): great call Jon

SCTrojans08 (Observer): and tries to outplay me

SCTrojans08 (Observer): like all the other morons

j4mbo (Observer): lol he told me on msn he misclicked

Doctor_Fun: lol as if

SCTrojans08 (Observer): and they just end up outplaying


j4mbo (Observer): before he said anything

SCTrojans08 (Observer): yea im sure he did

Dealer: PearlJammed has 15 seconds left to act

Dealer: briesenfeld wins the pot (11,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501330930

SCTrojans08 (Observer): HE TANKED IT

j4mbo (Observer): want the log? sigh grow up

SCTrojans08 (Observer): it took him like 15 seconds

SCTrojans08 (Observer): to call

j4mbo (Observer): HE DIDNT TANK

j4mbo (Observer): HE TYHPED ON ME ON MSN

SCTrojans08 (Observer): hes making an excuse

SCTrojans08 (Observer): for playing like a giant idiot

j4mbo (Observer): lol sure

Doctor_Fun: whatever

raiZa: he did good railbirds

Dealer: PearlJammed wins the pot (11,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501335742

SCTrojans08 (Observer): I knew he was frustrated

SCTrojans08 (Observer): because I kept owning him

Dealer: raiZa wins the pot (13,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501338768

D FLEEZZY (Observer): ur the one who got owned

Doctor_Fun: when did u own me lol

SCTrojans08 (Observer): so he played like an idiot

SangreTica (Observer): Sctrojans anyhow... it is poker baby,

suck outs.. part of

D FLEEZZY (Observer): and is crying from the rail

Dealer: raiZa wins the pot (7,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501340610

j4mbo (Observer): Jack says: omg misclick

D FLEEZZY (Observer): and got owned

Dealer: Doctor_Fun wins the pot (28,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501344927

Dealer: pantalar has 15 seconds left to act

Dealer: briesenfeld wins the pot (27,000)

Dealer: Hand #3501350940

j4mbo (Observer): trojans plays 500 tournys a day and gets

wound up by that


anyway, here are some fun hands from the tournie:

(classic set over set cooler)
(people were cold calling my 3 bets so frequently it was a joke, and this guy played his hand so badly - this draw is never gd in a reraised pot and is normally just a bare flush draw unless i have JJ)
(this hand i played very badly, his cold call on the flop suggests huge strength and then i still call his check raiser on turn looking to hit a 2 outer - so so bad)

(luckily people always gift you chips in this tournament)
(this was a tough call from me. I didnt put trojans on much and would have 4 bet shoved here with JJ but the SB shove looks very strong and i am looking at a race or being heavily dominated. He snap shoved so it is never tens here. Also trojans might have woke up with hand. So i think a pass is the right play, however i am obv results orientated and wish i had isolated, lol.)
(finaly my busto hand, where i got unlucky but i wouldnt criticise pearljams call as he was probably priced in with a huge stack).

Anyway, here is hoping i can put another bad beat on Trojans next time i see him and he can hate me even more. haha


Thursday, 6 September 2007

3 final tables.... not much profit

So tonight started off pretty badly with me not winning a pot for what seemed like hrs. Dropped 5 double rebuys in the 50r on stars (which i may now stop playing). Busted most of the tournies i was in.

I did however redeposit on littlewoods where i used to play back in the day. I made the final tables of both tournies i entered ($20k and £6k) busting in 5th and 8th respectively.

Dont have many hands from the 20k but here is a nice suckout on the final table which i busted after losing a race.

Also worked up a huge stack in the 6k mainly due to this awful play (by the other guy obv; i play perfect :P)
but then lost most of it with 15 left when this guy freerolled his way to a 4 flush, sigh.
Short stacked that final table before busting after shoving A10 with no fold equity just hoping other guy didnt have it.

My other final table was in the 18k gtd on party where i managed to get a pretty sick stack in crapshoot tournie.
Running AA into bigstacks AK helps tho:
Came into the final table with the chip lead and looking gd to taking down a decent score. However i made a marginal call with QQ when i thought the guy was shoving an underpair rather than a K or AA. obv i was wrong and busted the tournie shortly after, sigh.

hmmm, what else? Oh yeah i managed to get another huge stack in the 10r on stars but gambled it all away callin a huge 4 bet shove with JJ and losing a big race for chip lead with 350 left.

All in all i didnt even make much profit tonight as the final tables only just covered my buyins in other tournaments which kind of sucks. Also the littlewoods tournaments aren't recognised by P5s so wont be getting any points there. :(


Monday, 3 September 2007

silver_marden (Observer): holy crap doctor fun is good


I finally win a tournament. After several days of final table bubbles and periods of not cashing i finally take something down. It was a relief after being unlucky in a lot of tournaments recently where i felt i was playing well but just ran into coolers or misplayed one hand which fucked the rest of the tournie. Today i ran good.

Things didnt start well tonight when i bubbled the final table of the 15k gtd on stars. I bluffed a huge part of my stack with 17 left and had to grind a short stack, finally busting in 12th. Not that bad considering i had 5 BBs on the bubble. Obv i lose AK to QJ (more on common occurrence that later).

I was also was the bubble boy in the full tilt 10k 6 max which was annoying as i was playing really good in it and just lost a big race right on the bubble. (i wasnt surprised)

Which brings me back to the 10k gtd labor day special (no idea what labor day is) where i had a horrendous start. Flopping the 2nd nuts and losing to runner runner higher straight.

Managed to dbl back quickly a couple of times, for example here where i slow played my KK (probs didnt have to)

(a big race that i lost, which would have made me huge with around 200 left)

But alas quadaments strikes at the right time

This hand really pissed me off as i had just bubbled stars 15k in a similar situation (QJ calling my shove)/ I just dont understand why u would call here with ten bbs. If he had less i would understand (i would call with 5 to 7 bbs). But whatever..... fish will be fish

Luckily people are morons and i tilt shoved here and doubled up. WP 22 sir.

This hand was the hand that won me the tournament. I was actually reluctant to shove here as the BB looks very strong (i didnt think he would cold call that much with just a draw). But not sure what QJ is doing here.

so i made the final table with a 1/4 of the chips in play and quickly dominated the table chipping up to 1/2 of chips in play with 5 left. I made two bad shoves (sucking out on 1 and losing other) but felt that i had generated enough chips with my aggro play to justify gambling in these situations.

This was the final hand HU where i was torn about calling as i was sure i was beat. My kicker was no good and i mite aswell be calling with AQ. But i felt i could gamble here and as i had 2 to 1 chip lead and my coin flip told me to call.

And voila i finally win again.

This should get me close to the rankings as i reckon i need around 3.8k or so to get ranked (currently on 3337 plb points and 7th in UK rankings). This win will help me there.

I feel it is only a matter of time before i am ranked and am really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed i make it. However i also acknowledge i have serious flaws in my game that need to be worked on and obviously i will keep trying to work on them.

take care,