Monday, 29 October 2007

OMG OMG luckboxed a sunday major!!!!


thats all i can say. Just did a 3 way chop for the sunday second chance on stars for 35k. I think i played pretty poorly up to the final table but made the most i could of some poor hands and sucked out nicely when i really needed too.

Here is a brief HH of some o my hands from the tournie:
Do i have good or bad timing here lol......
After losing half my stack to a short stack shove and i spent ages blidning out waiting for a hand. But i couldnt find one for a long long long time. Then the blinds went up and i had 3bbs and 76o facing a utg raise and utg+1 shove. Obv i got some run good cream and called for value managing to suck out pretty good again.

Kind of a loose shove utg but i was tilted after busting mulligan despite having a big big stack early on. I hoped to see tens got them and then won the race. :P
lol one of many races that i won late in this tournie

somehow my incredibly nitty image inspires this guy to shove 22 into my AA. ty sir. obv i hold again.

get it in good again and was surprised to see 77 after opponent tanked as i pair is normally an automatic in this spot but i guess my nitty image had some affect.
Another race won. easy game!
a tough spot here with tens but there are pretty much o Q's in his range and a lot of the times this is complete air (specially as he doesnt shove) or he has AA. luckily no Q or AA and i tid.

one of the sickest allin pres that i have seen in a while. Couldnt believe my luck when they both shoved but i get sucked out on flop and i resuck on turn only for other guy to re re suck on both us lol. Guess i deserved it for earlier tho.

an important race that i won towards the end that ended with me taking back the chip lead.

However after a while 3 handed it became clear that this was going to be a complete crapshoot with 20bs each. So we did a chip chop and played and thankfully i manage to win it outright for the olbs (484ish). A good end to the month and my best ever result.....

so sick

gg jack

ps. moorman also had a great night taking down the 55k on tilt and going deep in both the 750k tilt and the sunday million but it wasnt to be. gg mate.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Another good run in the tilt 6 max 300....

Been running pretty awful in all my tournies recently so it was nice to get a decent result but it could of been so much more. I was top 5 in chips with 30 left and chip leader with 3 tables left.
However i then had a seriously bad run of cards and my stack depleted severely meaning i came into the final table as the shortstack with around 20bbs. I finally pick up a pair of eights and shove only to be called by KQ (for half his stack) and obv losing the all in pre.

Pretty disappointing as i thought i had a gd shot of another big win but i cant argue with 3.4k which is more than i have been making recently.

Here are some hands of the early suckouts that i managed and some hands towards the end that helped me chip up to chip leader without many showdowns.
nit of a bad play by me but i was on tilt by this time due to numerous suckouts in other tournies.
nice to run into a donk with the nuts
really wanted to check raise here with quads but decided not too.
This looked like a chip dump lol... but obv he tried to make a bubble move
nice flop, nice turn and managed to make other guy fold AK

ummmm that's it really. Pretty disapointed with the result but at least im back winning.

oh and i got this message from trojans on pocket fives during the drafting of the november plb teams:

10.25.18:39 by SCTrojans [Reply]

hey man I was just wondering if you planned on playing a good amount in november because I was considering taking you if you were still avaliable - just let me know :) - I k now you probably want to be on team UK but if you are there in 2nd round (which is highly unlikely) i might have to take you because you kill it

lol... getting some respect i see. Which is is pretty cool although i hoped to be one of the first second round picks. Also would have be good to be in trojans team as maybe he will help me run as good as he seems too. Alas moorman picked me in his team which will probably mean i dont get any decent scores next month, thanks chris. hahahaha


Friday, 26 October 2007

running bad still and november plb bet

Sorry i havent posted for a bit, but the last two weeks have been a complete blow out and im lacking motivation to play. I seem to be able to get a good positions for decent scores all the time but then get outdrawn or set up and come 30th or 14th etc.

It's been very frustrating as i had my biggest ever win and since then nada...

I know have the moorman KK curse as i have bust from 50% of mtts with it. It just never holds if there is an A to be found full tilt party or stars will give it.

Im sure this is just a standard bad run. It just sucks.....

On a seperate note ive entered the P5s november plb team challenege and moorman just used his 2nd pick for me. Obv....
You can see the draft process here:

Its 200$ each prop bet where there will be 10 teams of six who add up their 5 best plb scores for the month with the winner taking most of the cash and 2nd getting some too. I assume trojans or allin stevies team will win as they run so good. While me and moorman will pick up last place.
But shld give me some motivaton.



Monday, 22 October 2007

got tempted....

So i banned myself from full tilt and stars for 24hrs (thank god they let u do that) but i got bored so played some $500nl and finally managed to run good for once. Managed to win 4 buyins over 600 hands and then left before my run goot ran out.
(finally a good river)

Im bored so here is a graph of todays run.

Wont play tomorrow or wednesday for sure as im busy. Hopefully ill maintain my 5th position on the UK plb rankings but its not likely.

On a seperate note i was asked to act as a dealer in a movie today which could be fun. Hopefully my natural under confidence wont affect my performance. :P

laters Jack

Sigh, some time off is required

So played last night and while i managed to satelite most of my tournaments i didnt manage one cash which was deeply disapointing. Can't remember losing so many races, 70-30s, and 80-20s. But i guess this is my run bad patch. I've banned my self from stars and full tilt for 24 hours. I plan to not play until saturday. I'm sill up £5k for the month but i was having another 5 figure month and its very disapointing to run this bad. Oh well....

Variance is a cruel mistress.........


Saturday, 20 October 2007

very depressed... worst day of poker in my life

I dropped 3k£ tonight (6k$) by running seriously awful on 2-5$ and managing 1 cash in all my tournaments.

I've been playing pretty good all week but the poker gods have shunned me. Gonna play the majors tomorrow and if i dont do good then im gonna take a week off and try get refocused.



Thursday, 18 October 2007

Poker verdict interview

Oh yeah forgot to say i did an intervier for
It went up the other day but i did the interiew ages ago its kinda crap. But check it out if u want.

10$ rebuy blow ups

So to set the scene ive been the chip leader or in the top 5 since the bubble and there are now 26 left. I Pick up Kc4c in the SB and the button who has 100k less than my 550k stack raises the small stacks big blind. Obviously he canbe raising any two here so i repop him and he insta calls me. Needless to say a rush of blood to the head makes me convinced that he is weak and is gonna pass my check raise all in with bottom pair. Alas he had QQ insta calls and i miss my outs. I go out a couple of hands later. Oh well. next time.
Here is that hand in detail and a few others:
standard isolation with tens here and some guy comes along for nthe ride and is punished for not isolating pre.

a fun little race a took with plenty of dead money in the pot.
I was racing so good last night
and sucking out
This was hilarious. The other big stack chose the wrong moment to slow play AA vs me as obviouly i flop boats every 2 hands. :P

So very disapointed overall but i feel i own the 10r if i can get a stack deep and next time i wont be going crazy.


Tuesday, 16 October 2007

GUKPT: live poker is rigged

So i just bust out of the gukpt without doing much wrong (except maybe my final shove).
It started well as i built my 10k stack up to around 14k in the first level. Then i get KK utg+1 and make it 300 to go and get called by the small blind who loves his suited connectors (and was talking about some big wpt cash earlier). The flop comes AhKh4c and to my delight the guy bets out 500 which i obviously raise to 2k putting him on a big flush draw of some kind. He quickly called only for the turn to bring the 6h, big sigh. He checks and i check behind. River was a blank (pls pair the board) and immediately puts in a pot sized bet. After watching his play it earlier it was apparent that he like to pot his big hands so i fold face up and he shows me Jh10h.
After that i was down to 8k and 20mins later i look down at QQ in small blind. some guy opens for 3x (he had 4.5kish behind) and someone else calls. I squeeze looking to isolate the initial raiser who thinks for a bit and shoves AK. I call and lose the race.
So i play the shortstack for ages and eventually go out shoving 97 utg with 8 BBs and lose to JJ.
It sucks as i was really looking forward to going deep as the standard of play was pretty poor.
I hope moorman and andy fair better tomorrow.


Monday, 15 October 2007

Sunday majors whitewash

As usual i managed 1 cash in sunday majors in the sunday 40k on crypto where i lost a chip lead race on bubble. Standard.
Not much to talk about really. registered for gukpt which starts tomorrow and ill update you on progress tomorrow night.

wish me luck

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Ship me a big tournie win!!!

Sorry i havent posted in a while. The 750k really tilted me and my subsequent final tables this week didnt go well (i made 4 and didnt finish above 7th place). Anyways im feeling much better now.

Just took down the 50k gtd 6 max tournie on full tilt and am feelin on top of the world. LOL.

It was a tournie with a very tough field and i managed to grind to the final table switch gears and take it down. My mate andy helped a lot during the final table, so gonna give him a slice of the prize.

Anyways here is a little walkthrough of my big hands:

I was getting sick pot odds before the flop to call with this v weak hand and managed to hit the flop pretty well and decided to bet out strong as i felt the utg raiser probs has a big A and i dont want him to catch on turn. Nice to dbl as i fade some outs.
this was a fun blind v blind hand. Other guy obv had an A obviously and moorman said he was capable of hero calls so i thought id shove river hoping he would make that hero call alas not.

Ok so i make the final table where somehow everyone is a donk and none of the tough field survived. So i was feeling pretty confident.
This guy had been min betting me a lot and didnt really want to just flat here so made a nice move and got it in with a lot of outs.

feel i misplayed this on the turn and really shouldnt of shoved and instead just bet half my stack.
This was all about trying to get the other guy to shove on me. Which he duly obliged on doing. Ty sir.
bit annoying that he wakes up with a hand straight after the 555 hand but obv i was not folding A7 here.
A nice flip to win.

Pretty much dominated the HU with andy helping me out on most of the hands so that it was impossible for me not to win.

Anyway ship the win. and the 18k. and the plb points. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Sunday, 7 October 2007

cashed in 750k for first time in ages but played so bad

I really let myself down tonight as i got myself in a really good position to go deep in the 750k (2x avg with 200 left) only to make the worse play in my entire life. I'm embarrassed to talk about it really. So lets just say i got it in as a 16% dog for my tournie life (the pot was huge tho, top 5 if i win). I feel sick right now thinking back on it and will probs tilt off in cash. sigh

(obv bubbled million too getting it in set over set)


Thursday, 4 October 2007

weeeeeeeeeeee, i own Crypto Tournies

Took down the 20k gtd on crypto last night after an eventful final table which was its usual crap shoot. Thats 6k for the win but no plb points :(.

Here are my fun hands from the final table:
I didnt really want to bet fold or have the guy float me here so decided to check raise all in a v aggro player. Was very surprised to see tens here and obv i get lucky.
This hand tilted me huge. Obv the guy likes to gamble.
Standard 3 way race. weeeeeee

Such a sick flop, i knew he had AK as well but how can i fold a flopped straight with redraw. Obv i get lucky again
Surprised this guy (who was most aggro player i've ever played against) didnt repop me pre. But i was happy to let him take the lead here and bluff in to me
This was a very marginal call. I timebanked for ages and decided to go for the win. I was grateful to break even in the hand.
Was due a bit of bad luck.
Didnt really wanna see a flop OOP with this hand so just shoved it in.
The final hand. Never folding an A to this guy and i ship the win.

On a separate note i played an awful final table in the 14.5k tonight and busted 8th after having a decent stack. oh well at least i knocked out moorman on final table bubble. LOL


Tuesday, 2 October 2007

What is up with party poker ??

So went deep in 4 tournies tonight and managed only 1 final table.

Firstly i swear the 32k on full tilt will never let me go deep as i obv run my KK into AK mid tourney for the chip lead and lose.
Obviously i cant beat KK with my AK and i busto.

The 25k got off to a gd start when some guy 3 barrells me with 8 high in the first hand as i slow play top set.
I then managed to get some guy to make a hero call against me as i again slow play another set ( i should do this more often)
But obv i bust 18th (not actually sure) shoving AK into A2 and losing to the wheel. sigh.

Then i came 13th in the 6max 20r which i used to run sick in but now i cant seem to get anywhere near the final table.
Which is wierd as the tourney is so full of donks.

Managed to shortstack the super tuesday on stars (i satelited) only to busto in 40th and miss out on 2k. sigh

Anyways to my party rant. Managed a 3rd in the 20k party which was good considering i was short throughout whole tournie and laddered up pretty well. Still it would be nice to get a win on party soon. Or just a win somewhere.


Monday, 1 October 2007

Took a shot at 1000nl...... regret

decided to take a shot at 1000nl last night and ran obscenely bad. lost with bottom set to top pair (runner runner straight), AA to A7, ran top two into bottom set on dry board, KK in AK (A flops) and then tilted off another 2 buyins or so. The players at 1000nl were just completely crazy and confused the hell out of me. Maybe im not at the right level to step up yet and maybe i shld concentrate more on mtts and 500nl.

So i start the month with -6k$, which sucks.

Woke up this morning feeling awful as i have never dropped that much money so quickly and it was kind of a shock. But i got focused and set about getting back (chasing losses is always gd motivation)

Put a lot of hands in at 2-5$ today and won around 4k$ back which was nice, so i am actually down about 2.4k$. still sucks tho....

I've been running pretty sick at 500nl on littlewoods (crypto) and i feel i have a huge edge in this game as the regulars arent even that good. Most British players seem to be just pure gamblers and have no idea on how to play poker profitably. Anyway here is my graph for 500nl on crypto:

(dont know how to make this not blurry so just click on it if u are interested)

Satelited the 1k mondays on full tilt and didnt really get anything going. dblled earlish ( and then didnt find many gd spots. Ended up shoving A2 into Q10 (why he calls i have no idea) and lose the race. (

Didnt really do much in other tournies.

Anyway, heading to bed