Wednesday, 28 November 2007

7th in 10r and not many cashes

got 7th in the stars rebuy which kinda sucked as i felt i was the best player left in the tourney with two tables left but i played this horribly.
(why on earth i bet the turn, ill never know)
Anyway havent been cashing very much this month but getting occasional wins. Im not sure if this is a good or bad thing. As im closing pretty good but not getting deep that often. Gonna look back on some hand histories and see where im going wrong if i am.
Anyway uim up to 94th in the sliding plb and 115h (i think) in the pro poll. If i get one more score or even a better pro poll i should be able to get ranked soon. I'm right on the cusp of getting ranked but i need more votes in pro poll. Most people dont know me but im gonna try to change that by posting more on the forums in the next couple of weeks. Another score this month wouldnt hurt.
On a separate note the team November plb challenge looks to have been won by team isaih rider. I thought we were close but balla b13 is having a sick month. Putting in one last session tomorrow then taking friday off.


Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Sorry for lack of updates, but back winning

I apologise for lack of updates but i moved to a new flat last week and my internet only got set up on sunday so obviously i couldnt do anything about that. It was nice to have a week off from poker as well giving me a fresh perspective but my sunday tournies didnt go very well with only 1 cash.
Last night didnt go to great either as i only managed 1 cash but it was a win :P.
I took down the 25k on full tilt for 8kish, a pretty crapshoot tournie but once i got a stack i managed to dominate the others especially at the final table.
Some key hands from tournie:
(my two early double ups)
(this was a tough call but decided to gamble even though i know moorman has to have a hand and got lucky)
(card rack?)
(wierd hand here, but i felt the raise and call was pretty weak even from a short stack and decided to squeeze, obv they a re both crazy)
That gave me 3x chip lead which i then increased onthe final table by knocking out the first guy
(obviously i was playing so out of line that this guy manages to call me down in big big pot with bottom pair)
Anyways we final get HU when i win some races vs the shortstacks and get to play the other muppet with a 3x lead. It didnt last long as we got to race and i held
So that was a nice win and all...
here's to getting ranked!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Alas no ranking :(

So im up to 4th in the UK plb rankings and up to 92nd in the sliding plb rankings. So just missed out on getting ranked. Think i need one more 150+ score to move me up to 85thish in the sliding and then ill probably get ranked. Oh well.

Playerd the ftops 300r and managed to get 11k stack for the min buyin (900$) which was nice. But after that i barely got any hands and managed to double once with a flip and then pretty much sizzled out. sigh.
dropped 400$ on cash to add to the 900$ and 300$ stars FO as well as two 50$ FO. which puts me at - 1700$ for the day.

Not gonna play that much this weekend because of im currently moving flats, but hopefully ill make the sunday majors.


Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Deep run in ftops 8

So went round to andys and played the ftops 8 together. Andy bust out halfway through after using up all his luckbox early and losing a flip. But we both played on and managed to grind our 10-20bb stack from 400th to 59th rarely getting above 20 big blinds and not really picking up any hands really. We felt afterwards that we played very well throughout without making any mistakes. Ended up shoving 12bbs with K2o blind on blind into someone with around 30bbs which i felt was a decent shove giving his stack and smaller calling range. However we ran into 55 and good game us.

I'm a bit disappointed but not too fussed. Had a great time playing it and i feel that andy and i have a great grip of the game when playing together. He is well known within the online poker community and has an incredible understanding of poker. Would have been sick if we had got deeper as i felt if we ran hot at any stage and got a stack we could have a real shot of winning it. Oh well. Rankings out tomorrow and i may sneak in but moorman says it will be close. So wish me luck. Don't think ill play mtts tonight and might just have a cash session.


Monday, 12 November 2007

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2nd chance ownage!!!!

So Sunday Majors... normally are shit, this time however something was different. I busted out of party pretty early but had a huge stack in the stars warm up and was top 5 in the mid stages but got fucked on the bubble and managed a 110th or something. So 1 cash so far, and i was going good in the million until i lose a race and have to grind pass the bubble and managed like 600th (not sure about positions). two of 3 cashes from sunday majors so far. I busted ftops with AK vs KJ which kinda sucked. Managed to get a big stack in the mulligan after racing ship happens and winning but the got it in QQ vs 88 and lost. Then obv get it in with AJ vs A2 and lose to bust in 46th. I would of been chip leader in that if i win those two but whatever...

Moving on...

The 2nd chance was sick, i grinded the short stack the whole tournament and then proceeded to dbl up with AA after bubble ended:

Then grinded some more and ran my AA into QQ to dbl again and get a decent stacks:

I kept playing pretty tight due to crapshooty nature of the tournament until this hand where i 4 bet shoved AJs in a good spot where the guy could 3 betting me with any 2 and i have good fold equity.

Here i slow played KK and got a very good turn to get it all in on:

This was a wierd hand with AA with two flats and a nasty board. Decided that he is rarely bluffing me here and probs has JJ mostly so i played it pretty passive as there wasnt much value in betting.

Basically when card dead after that and had to shove KQo here, which was definetly my hand of the tourney:

This hand made me laugh as i made the guy fold the split (AKs), lol at 3 betting AK here and folding to shove:

I love the way i played this hand, got max value out of it while also tilting the guy into making a stupid play a couple of hands later and take control of the final table with a massive chip lead:
guy proceeds to blow up here:

Obviously i am a rack:

When we got to 3 handed i basically ran the table over and had 1.8 mill (other two had 1.6 mill combined) when a deal was suggested. i was reluctant to deal due to my dominating stack and i figured i was the best player. So when they offered 40k (chip count) and i said 42k or nothing we played on. This was fine by me as the blinds had gone up and i was huge.
However disaster struck when this guy 4 outs me with 1 card to come:

I found it very hard not to tilt at this stage as if i busted i would have lost 22k as i hadnt taken the deal. I amanged to grind away and dblled again only to lose some more chips.

Then i sucked out pretty good when i misclicked limped KJs ob the button and decided to shove over a pretty strong bet. I decided to shove as this guy had been pretty weak the whole tournament opening pots and olfding a lot to reshoves, however i run goot:

So we were HU and it didnt last long as i decided to flip here and obv KQs never loses:

pretty sick score especially after turning down deal and getting 4 outered for huge pot. I got pretty lucky in a lot of spots but played pretty sick imo.

Lots of olbs now and have a good shot at being ranked at end of month if i can get a few more scores. Good for plb bet too. And i got pro poll.
Thats two 2nd chance wins in 3 weeks, 49k$ for the win this week too.
Pretty sick i think.
(wow this is a long post)


Saturday, 10 November 2007

unfocused and making stupid plays

Been pretty unfocused this week. And been playing pretty crap mid to late in tourneys and often donking early when i get be bothered. Had 4 decent staks tonite in the ftops 100r, 25k ftp, 60k ftp and stars midnight but didnt cash in any because of a couple of bad plays.

Think my last big win has meant that i dont care so much now. A bit stupid and hopefully i can re focus soon. anyway playing majors at andy's tomorrow and hopefully he can refocus me.


Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Been lazy

Been a bit lay recently as regards to posting my blog. Havent really had much success this month and have had a couple of chances of decent scores scuppered late in the tournament. Came 7th in the 50k on stars a couple of nights ago and could of won it but made a move with AJo on the final table bubble and ran into KK which put me down to the shortstack which kinda sucked as that pot would have given me triple chip lead. Had a couple of thirds in small tournies and a 4th in the tilt 120 KO tourney that had a decent prizepool (7k for the win) but the blinds got stupid towards the end (avg was 12bbs) and i ended up busting in 4th when my QQ went down to 55 all in pre (apprently he hits his 1 out as other guy folded 65). Oh well....

Ftops tonight which should be fun but annoyingly my mate work me up early as i was hoping to sleep until like 6pm here (ftops starts at 2am) so i wouldnt be tired. Unfortunately he called at 2pm and i am now very tired and its only 3pm.

Big sigh....

oh well starting at middnight tonite. wish me luck.

Sunday, 4 November 2007