Monday, 24 December 2007

My 1st losing month, and a couple of deep cashes in sunday majors

So i'm having a terrible time at the cash tables meaning i am having my first losing month of my poker pro career. Think something has gone fundamentally wrong with my cash game as i am spewing everywhere, so will have to take a look at that over christmas.

last nite id played nearly every sunday major on every site and managed 5 cashes in the 10 major tournaments i played. Managed to final table bubble the ipoker 200k which sucked as for some reason i got all confused with having a short stack and there being no antes. I shld of gone shove crazywith 18 left as there weren't any payjumps till the final table and it was a complete crapshoot. Alas i didnt and i grinded out in 11th.

Managed to just squeeze into the $ in the warm up, crypto and betfair majors as well. The other dispointing tournie was the mulligan where i managed to get a huge stack after 4 bet shoving 100bbs with 77 and winning the flip midway through the tournie (
This obviously coincided with my ipoker final table bubble.
I then folded for an hour after realising that everyone was 3 betting me every hand and that i had to be patient.

managed to find a hand finally and dblled with a nice river:
And then someone managed to donk to me quite spectacularly:
Then same guy tries to donk again but AA no gooooooood:

sigh, i then lose AK to A4 and realise what it must feel like to run like moorman1. LOL

Oh well at least i made a profit last night, and i finally stacked someone on cash (
and no i dont know what he is doing either....

Merry christmas etc....


Wednesday, 19 December 2007

ranked 97th!!!!!!!!!

So the rankings came out today and i finally creeped into the top 100. Was a nice feeling as i'm actually down for month (due to awful run in cash games). Since my last post i took 2nd in the party super and donked a final table of the stars 25k to come 9th after this hand (
Which kinda sucked. But i guess my party super 2nd place was enough to put me in the rankings thank god.
Anyways back to work.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ship the 20 rebuy 1 addon and hopefully i will creep into the rankings out tomorrow.

So i just shipped the 20r1a on stars for 4.6k and hopefully that means i get the required plb points to be a top 100 ranked player on
I'm really happy because i have probably completed the mile stone i set myself at the beginning of this blog. Hopefully i don't fall short after that little speech :P

Anyway im also happy as i think i played my best poker for a while especially in the final stages of this tournie where i played near perfect.

Pick a good spot to bluff here, not sure why he bets his 99 there but im a donk with a mission so looked a good spot :

Standard 3 way mayhem where i luckbox it:

So get heads up and take this huge pot down; standard call down vs a laggy donk:

So then shipped it finally after dblling him up, when he min 3 bet AQo vs my KJ, and we got it in on J high flop.

So ship that!!!

Rank me one time pls pls pls


Monday, 10 December 2007

You know your night hasn't gone well when you are 1 tabling the 3r

So haven't had internet for a week, thanks very much British telecoms. Bah
so after figuring out I'm with 2 or 3 spots for being ranked i decided play every 10k+ prize pool tournie from 6pm to 12am. This amounted to about 30 tournies, of which i final tabled none and managed only 3 cashes. The worst was busting out of the 100r with ten to go to the $ racing for a top 5 stack. Oh well. Playing tired (thanks to BT's early waker up call telling me there is a fault on my line , I KNOW THERE IS FIX IT!!! i replied) and 16 tabling isn't a good combo. And i pretty much played like a brain dead zombie all night until i tilted off my last 4.
oh well, at least i won a 2k pot in HU just now (sick call down by me when 300 bb deep, 66 on 22784 rainbow board after guy floated and bet turn bet river). im a calling station :P


Monday, 3 December 2007

Donking sundays

Nothing much has happened in pass few days, been playing a bit and my sleeping pattern is completely fucked so ill be trying to stay up all day to get back to normal.
Anyway i managed to go deep in the tilt 750k but busted 135th after i did a terrible 3 bet shove on a J high flop with AK in to an obvious set. That kinda pissed me off, as i was running hot and playing good up till that point. Oh well i always manage to donk that tournie.
Kinda sucks tho.
see ya around