Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Amsterdam Master Classics: winning big flips :)

So im in amsterdam and got up super early today cos Andy snores like a giant gorrila. playing the Main event here (6.2k euro buyin) today at 3 an am really conifident about my chances.
The trip to amsterdam yesrterday was looooooooong. I got up at 9.30am left at 10am and got to my hotel in amsterdam at 19.00. Delays at every possible point in the jopurney where the flight was the shorteest part (1hr). I also ran bad with turbulence which was terrifyig cos i hate flying when its smooth and not flinging the plane up down left right etc.
Oh well, trip has to get better from here right? wrong. get to casino they wont accept my card to buyin. i ask ppl fr money but no one willing/able to donate to my tiny amsterdam bankroll. I finally manage to get 3.6k euros off my card and retire to some beers and spliffs with some friends, fully expecting to have to play live cash all week.
I got pretty high/drunk and Rubin (genius) came up with the idea o going to casino and putting 3k on routlette red/black in order to play the tournament. So we promptly head to the casino (me bneing unable to hold a conversation for longer than ten seconds. put 3k on red. finally run good for the day and win. I guess that makes up for the 7 hr trip.
sick. huh.
wish me luck. its 4 day event. starts at 3pm today.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

oops forgot about my blog

Many of you may have notice that I haven’t updated my blog in a very long time. Don’t worry I haven’t died, gone to prison or gone busto. To put it simply I got bored of tournament poker and could never be arsed to update my blog with cash hands. Since the wsop I’ve switched mainly to cash games, playing 2-4$ to 10-20$ or a few very soft sites. I have managed to make some decent profits despite a couple of tilt sessions where I have lost 20k+ in a day.

Cash wise my game has improved a lot. I have mainly been playing on sites where poker tracker isn’t compatible so I can’t really post any specific hands. I’m killing 2-4$ at 14bb/100 over 20k hands or something which is running pretty hot although this site I play on is pretty easy so I think I can maintain 8-12bb/100. Also playing a lot of hu nlhe and having success versus some of the regs on these euro sites. I m not gonna mention the site names cos I want all those monies for myself. It is funny tho that all the regs think I’m some fish and then play me I take 5 buyins they quit me and refuse me action after. Kind of sucks that a lot of them won’t give me action anymore; they are such a goldmine.

As for tournaments I have mainly been playing the Sunday majors and some big live events. My biggest scores online are deep runs in the wcoop main event and a few final tables n the Ladbrokes Sunday 50r and a few big party tourneys. I’ve been in good shape in a few tourneys but haven’t managed to get lucky at the end and failed to get to a big final table. The wcoop was disappointing as I was a top 30 stack from very early on until after the bubble. I then proceeded to lose every all-in pre and eventually reshoved 109s to a cutoff raise and the big blind wakes up with QQ and gg me.


Live tournaments have been a disappointing although I have only played two since the wsop. Played the ept London and came in as an alternate as I forgot to buy in early and it sold out quickly. Coming in at the beginning of level 2. I managed to flop a set in a 6 way limped pot on a Kd10d4x (44 obv) and KQ calls my c/r , my bet on turn (K) and my river shove (3x).  ty sir. So get 20k early (10k starting) but then get moved to a terrible table with max pescatori on my right, and Jeff Lisandro/some Irish wsop bracelet holder/Gavin griffin on my left. So obv I start to struggle. Manage to inexplicably be a complete live fish and misclick a hand where I have AA and let the other guy hit two pair on the river while paying off half my stack. Then grind and bust in race vs. griffin. Oh well.

Just busted the gukpt thanet which I’m really disappointed about. I played really well on day 1 managing to be one of the chip leaders for most of the day. The last two levels I got tired and failed to bust Karl Marenholz when I misplayed I hand blind on blind. Then I managed to be a live fish again getting in A10 on A435dd board after some old guy c/r turn after I checked behind on the flop. Obv he is huge with 55 and I lose 40k pot putting me down to 30k. Still above avg but meh I was disappointed. Managed to chip up to 40k to end the day. So didn’t sleep much last night and managed to donk off my stack pretty early as I was brain dead and managed to convince myself 105o was good on 9546cc board. He flopped a set obv.  Sigh live fish own me (he donk pots flop and turn with set wtf??) still 2nd pair probs not good and I don’t know what I was thinking. So gg me and I’m back off to London. Update: obviously tufat won (andy teng), what a gangster.

My plans at the moment are to keep grinding cash, head to Amsterdam for the masters classic in mid November and then head to India for a well earned holiday. I hope I can hit a result or a good cash run before I leave for India.  Ill try and update more

Thursday, 10 July 2008

bust wsop ME chilling in vegas now

So i bust the wsop ME in the 2nd level. kinda sucks. table was pretty soft for first 30 mins until that empty seat on my left gets filled by allen "fucking" cunningham. Give him half my stack in meh spot.
I raise JJ utg at 50-100 (20k effective stacks), cunning ham calls, utg+2 calls and BB calls. flop 822dd, i bet 1k he calls. turn 6o. I bet 2.2k he calls. river 2x. Impretty sure his range now is 99,1010 and QQ+. i decided to bet 3k as a blocker even though i probs could of check folded as he isnt gonna bluff me here and i rarely expect him to turn up with a missed fd. meh whatever he calls with KK.
then i get down to 8k at 100-200. Tight player opens to 800 utg+3 i flat JJ in c/o. flop 10xxss, he pots it, i sigh and call intending to fold to turn aggression. turn K, check check. river J. i think bang there it is. he ebts 2k i shove for 6k he thinks and says "i cant fold this". and flips KK. gg me.
fuck live poker.
been chlling since in my sweet palms poker stars room. moving out tomorrow sigh.....
Andy still in the ME (ship the 2.7%) he has 300k atm which is like a top 50 stack going into day 3. so look out for andrew teng...

gonna try and sat the bellagio wpt next couple of days and grind some live cash.


Sunday, 22 June 2008

Vegas: wsop 1.5k

so i arrived in vegas on friday only to find out andy couldnt get a room for the weekend so ended up sleeping on a couch. sigh variance. 
So played the 1.5k wsop event and the play was so bad i was fist pumping inside. I manage to chip up to 6k before the 1st break (3k starting stack) with out any showdowns. That was pretty crucial as i had no hands at all. Then i get moved to another table with chris vaughn (meh spelling, guy from bluff who sold million and 750k stack to imperium, i think). He proceeds to run over table and i get no hands to fight back with. Oh well. so dont make any progress then get 88 in vs 8 bb stack lose, and get crippled and never recover. blah blah.
Sundays weren't great. got coolered all over etc. 
staying at the bellagio tonite for a few days and am hoping to grind the live cash all week until the next wsop 1.5k. 
Moving to the palms after that. Hoping online goes a bit better and i dont lose too much of my Bankroll while im here. 
Hanging out with shaun deeb and thary and some other guys is obv very good for my game. 
gonna try and meet up with pab, stevie and chris later some time. anwyays. 
catch u guys later

Thursday, 19 June 2008

vegas baby!

So its been a long time since i last updated my blog, so ill try and fill in the blanks. 
Basically been very lazy in last month. Mostly playing cash games on a new site pretty successfully and barely playing any tournaments at all as i cant seem to do shit in them anymore. I have lost most of my confidence in my tournament play.  I just cant ever seem to get anything going and hardly cash at all. Probs just a downswing but i feel im not playing as good as i used to.

Anyways moving on, i've been killing at 1knl on this new site (which im not gonna name, cos its so good). Every1 is so awful tho, they all play pretty loose passive so when i run hot i absolutely kill the games. Even the 10-20 is soft and im running pretty good there. Up around 30k or so without putting that many hands. Unfortunately i dont have any hand histories to show u guys.

Heading to vegas tomorrow, staying with andy and some other guys at the rio and the maybe the palms later on. My plan is to play some of the 1.5ks and 2k wsop events. I'll also be grinding the live cash games. Hoping to just break even out there tbh. Obv playing the main event on the 3rd and ill try and update this as regularly as possible. 

vegas baby.

Monday, 12 May 2008

100r addiction and bubbling

So i have been playing the 100r recently and felt that i was doing a lot better. Played it the other night while drunk and managed to bubble in a big race where the other might have folded (but they all donks). Anyways i kinda got the 100r bug now.

Sundays were a wash out as i was hungover and payed some v good and some v bad hands. Busted the warmup early despite owning the table in the first hour:
i should of folded here, if he shoves i can call but a small limp reraise def wants action and im stupid (or too hungover) to see that.
Anyways lost a race to bust after that.

I then played the ftops event 8 HU tournie which was fun until i managed to get drawn with an ftops specialist kiwid10 who would eventually come 4th.
From my 1st round opponent. I obv shove 2x pot on river for value weeeeeeeeeee.
This was a very tough spot vs my second round opponent but with no info other than he was good. Its obv a fold as i think he had 85ss/108ss and backdoored into a straight mb i can bet smaller on the river as i didnt really like the river as it gave a ot of two pairs and straights. oh well. busted that titlting after this hand lol.

Got deep in the party 300k but bubbled in huge pot when i got JJ in vs QQ on a ten high board for 100bbs (yeah i suck).


Friday, 9 May 2008

losing week

So after that 300 win ive had a pretty shit weak. few cashes on sunday and very few since then. Add these together with 4k cash losses and that equals a bad week.
So it would of been nice if one of the three rebuy tournaments i went deep in paid off. Alas they didnt.

Firstly i final tabled the ftp 30r (nicknamed "the moorman" as chris wins it 3 times a week) but a lack of cards meant i finished in 7th. Then i managed a 5th in the stars 20r playing really nitty with the cards i got and losing some critical pots.

Lastly i finally managed to get deep in the 100r but after playing my best poker for a while and running decently i lost a big flip and busted shortly after. So far i think im 6k$ down this week but not entirely sure. sigh.

Oh well gl all. taking day off and back on saturday.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Another 300 win !!!!!!

well another week and another satuday 320$ win. this time it was on pokerstars where i managed to take down the only major satuday 320 i hadnt won yet (party last week and won the ftp one ages ago). I played pretty good in all my tournies but got a bit wasteful towards the end of the stars 109 and 50r, where i donked some big stacks.

the 320 was fun tho and things went my way around the bubble where i managed to go from 16bbs to 60bbs fairly quickly winning races and becoming a card rack. the final table was a bit of grind until we got 4 handed and i doubled with AK vs 44 in a standard resteal situation. Then i won 55 vs 66 (skill game obv). When we got down to heads up i felt i had the better of my opponent despite him having a 2 to 1 chip lead. I doubled early and took the lead with KK vs J7 on a J hi board but i played to many 3 bet pots out of position when he just wasnt folding to my 3 bets so he grinded back to even. I finally managed to pick up a hand in the BB and got it in with KK vs a flush draw and held for the win. weeeeeeeeeeeee

Maybe i can make a surge up the rankings now as my plb score is seriously low. oh well.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

GUKPT donk out,student tournie win, and first ever party win!!

SO played a student donkament with my old mates last week and obviously won. Ran super hot as i blind shoved 62s and tripled up into the chip lead. Then got TT in vs AA for 50% of the chips in play, and obv hit my straight. Manage to take it down from there for £1k. Which was ok i guess.
Anyways, somehow had a bad week spent a load of cash so it was nice to take down the party 50k for a total of 16k. This tournie has owned my soul this year as every week i seem to final table it only to come 7th or 8th etc. So this time with my lucky party charm moorman1 at the table i liked my chances. Was Chip leader for most of the final table before caliing 3 streets from moorman blind on blind with middle pair and getting rivered. Got to HU and ran a bit cold vs complete donk who wanted to deal with 3 left. meh. So won that. :)
Also made day 2 the mansion 1k with a good stack so have a chance in that. Busted the 888.com 3 million which had an 800k overlay with KK into AA. sigh. Just give me that cooler in any other 1k tournie just not the one with the huuuuuuuuuuge overlay and 1 mill 1st prize. so sick.
Anyways, glfor me in the majors tonight.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Cash hands

So i just finished a session of1knl and managed to find some crazy donk with a big stack. Obvioulsy igot it all of him, by moving to his left and taking him to value town. Here are tsome of the big hands vs him and some others:
well this was the biggest pot and the one i busted him on. He was pretty much a station who overplayed all of his hands. So here i check raise nut fd with an over (std) and he min raises me. Vs most people i would just shove here with FE and a ton of outs but i know that he will call off his stack here and i didnt want to get it in as a dog.I was pretty sure my Ace was live and we both had 1200 behind if i called. So i call hit my A and c/r all in. Most ppl wouldnt play their K7 like this. And i hit my nut card on the river. gg him.
Here is the average mansion donk. bet calling every street for a whole stack with middle pair. Not sure he has played poker before...
I'm pretty sure this guy mucked Tens or marbe 99. But you gotta take these fish to value town.
Here i was pretty deep with this guy but he had been stacking off very light and shoving in bad spots. So bet calling the turn was the best line vs him,i never expected him to have better than QQ here as we were so deep that he wouldnt slowplay KK/AA vs me.He could have had a set but 99-JJ was more likely with him.
i was up huge in this session so decided to gamble with this straight flush draw and get called by two sets but obviously hit all my outs.
I got some more but cant really find any so ill post my graph for the week. Had a bit of a dodgy week but came through in the end. Not nearly as much profit as i had hoped but i didn'tplay that many hands and ran bad for a large portion of those hands.


Saturday, 12 April 2008

OMG i won a donkament wtf!!!

So was playing cash alst nite and had sick run to end up 3k down yay! so played some donkaments and played pretty well managing a 14th in the 40k ftp and winning the stars 50r for 8k.

So the story of the 50r....
Finished the rebuy period with 5.5k (small stack but in for min) and grinded for a while before manging to dbl up twice. Somehow i managed to bulldozer my tables and get into the top 5 chips. Then i had this stupid cooler:
This hand was funny, expected to see AA but he fodled with 5k behind... WP sir
Mossified is a donk here, such an awful shove:
Flatted AA here vs LAG but got scary when 4 ppl see the flop but a nice double:
So i get to the final table 2nd in chips and cruising.... there were no other good players at the final table so i like my chances. Especially after winning this big flip vs chipleader:
From here i basically dominated the final table and had more than half the chips in play with 4 left. I take it down thankfully.

will post some cash hands next week..


Thursday, 10 April 2008

Cash update

So as i said in my last post i have been concentrating on my cash game. and this week has been another good week so far. Except for a little slip up after arsenal got cheated out of the champions league (lucky scousers) and i dropped 5 buyins in 30 mins tilting like crazy. Anyways here is my weeks graph so far:

I know cash games are more boring to talk about then tournaments but my tournament game is pretty crap at the moment and i'm lacking in confidence. Gonna play cash for a bit then go up and play the gukpt where i'm gonna go over to john's(johne147) house and hopefully he will be able to look at my game.

Anyways till later this week.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sigh saturdays

So saturdays have become quite a big expense recently with all the big satelites i've been playing and the 300's. Played the monte carlo sat but shoved A8 into KK in a standard spot so meh.......
Didnt really get anything going but was 2nd in chips in the 20r with 41 left when full tilt crashed and got 700$ish for that (obv was gonna win it but.....)

Nothing else happened last night so i guess ill show some fun hands that made me laugh:

I'm still not sure if my flat on turn is spew as his bet is pretty strong but i have no idea how he called my river bet as i am rarely bluffing in this spot.


This is complete spew by me, i should never call on flop with no implied odds when i hit and when i'm likely to chop or lose to AQ which is what i did.

I love the call of my 4 bet when pretty deep and the minbet to induce my shove.... lol

gotta love this call down

got pwned here, was expecting to see underpairs and AK/KQ/AQ alas i level myself.

Wtf are ppl calling my opens with 87o oop especially when i have 16bb stack. Way to ding that river.

This hand shows that people are idiots. So i check behind on flop so i dont have a pair (most of the time and if i do its AA but we are deep so i dont check it here) The guy then c/r me on the turn with a gutshot and i call so i obv have KQ/AK or any K for that matter. Anyone can see that and he is repping 1 hand (44) so i have no idea why he expects me to fold this river. No two pair hands c/r this turn so i call here with any pair and snap river. its pretty retarded.

Anyways i guess they weren't that exciting. hope sundays go better and then its back to cash games for the week.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Live donkaments are rigged and cash game fun

Been lazy recently and havent posted in a while. Played the GSNP (1k$ live donkament) last week and ran pretty hot on day1. Finished the day as chip leader with a 10k lead over 2nd place and a big lead over the rest of the field. I was very confident going into day 2 as the play up till now had been ridiculously bad. It carried on that way on day 2 but somehow i kept running into hand after hand (got showed AA 4 times). So basically i grinded all day and managed to cash in 15th (15 paid) and busted 15th when i lost a race. So live donkaments are rigged.

Played some tournies online and managed a 3rd in the stars 4 max and a 4th in the stars 109 for around 5k. Since i havent managed much at all...

Anyways, been playing a decent amount of cash in the last few weeks. Started of playing 200nl on mansion and quickly realised how soft the site was so moved up to 400nl pretty quick where i have now clocked 20k hands and 18k profit which is pretty sick. Thinking im gonna move up to 600nl soon as the play seems just as bad there. I'm also thinking about only playing donkaments on the weekend and playing cash during the week as i have become bored of the daily tournie grind and feel i can make more $ playing cash during the week.
Here is my graph for mansion and a printscreen of my poker tracker stats:

Also my interview with moorman and tabbati comes out soon in insidepoker so check that out and im writing an article about sateliteing to live tournies for inside poker as well.


Saturday, 22 March 2008

2 for 2 in wsop satelites

Thought last night was gonna be a washout but somehow i managed to take down another wsop seat on party. Stars pays out wsop seats in cash while party buys you straight in so i guess ill take the stars cash and use my party seat.

The satellite was pretty fun as i was on a table with moorman for most of it and he was running sick hot taking out half the field. I was just grinding and playing super nitty as i didnt have stack for most of the tournie.

In fact i nearly fucked myself early on when i thought i was value shoving the river early on.
How on earth the guy manages to turn with QQ i have no idea, the big turn bet made me think his range was KQ/AQ and never a big hand. Oh well.
Then manage to double back to starting stack.

hmmm seem to have lost all the other hand history's. Basically i didnt do anything special (you dont need to in these satelites) and just grinded. Worked out pretty well.

Anyways back to the grind. will be playing monte carlo, LAPT and maybe another stars wsop satellite tonight. As well as the usual saturday tournies.

gl me

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Lock Out!!!!!!!!!

ok so i am an idiot. I set up for the usual sunday tournies and invite my mate tufat over. So he gets here and i go down to let him in. obv i forget my keys and the door shuts behind me. Cue panic as i realise i have bought into everything already and many of the sites dont let you log in if you are already logged in somewhere else (obv i was still logged on). Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

So i call locksmith and he takes an hour only to tell us i have somehow double locked it and i cant get in without a key. My flat mate wasn't due home for 2 hours so we hotstepped it over to Andys.
I go on huge tilt trying to email sites to remotely disconnect me and lose about 1k in equity of tournaments i am unable to play. salkdnaslkndaslknsdgdsfg

Anyways still managed to have a good sunday. Made final table on crypto £40k but busted in 9th after calling 20bb open shove with AK (QJs gets there obv). 2400$ for that and it covered most of my sunday expenses. I also managed a FT in the 20r for 1k$.

The big news was being able to ship a WSOP seat on my first attempt. Pretty happy about that.

I've got an interview with chris moorman and John tabbati (spelling?) later which should be fun. Been up since 1am sigh.

This month has gone pretty well except for the vienna bubble and bubbling every other major event i seem to enter. Gonna take some time off and play cash games for a bit and get in 10k+ hands at 400nl before moving up to 1k nl. Hopefully i can keep playing well.


Sunday, 16 March 2008

Doctor_Fun > Devilfish (Live poker is rigged)

So i got back from Vienna last night after a very disappointing day where io played some sick poker only to get 2 outered and bubble in 21st. thank you live poker.

I was on the tv table at the beginning of the day and got 3 bet the first 2 hands that i raised. I the n get dealt KK and should of flatted but i put in a "frustrated" 4 bet and he mucked. Then i raised Q10ss on shortstack's big blind and the "devilfish" called from the sb. We both playing 100k+ stacks at 800-1600 (200 ante).
The flop was 8d7d3s and he checks calls my 7k c-bet. River Ks easy double card and he once again calls my 13k bet after thinking for a while. I am now [positive he has flush draw, this read is then confirmed on the river when devilfish annouces that "i played this hand badly, i should of raised you on the flop". So i bet 23k so i dont get shown an A hi flush draw and he mucks face up. LOL at how bad he plays.

Anyways i then got in to a sticky spot with KK where i c/f turn on Q733 board in a 3 bet pot vs a tight solid satellite player who told me later he had 77 (he ain't lying).

So somehow im done to 50k at 1200-2400 and i jam KK over a utg raise only to get called by JJ and a J flopping. GG.

live poker sucks. 3 days work for nothing. sigh.


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

vienna day 2

Made day 3 of Vienna with 105k (avg 78k) after an eventful day where i managed to play well and awful at the same time. Grinded a 50k stack for most of the day (ran AA into AA obv) until i call a raise from a solid 30bb (CO) stack with AJ on button. FLOP Ks7s3x he bets pot, i call as obv he is weak here with a pot bet and im looking to make a move on the turn when he gives up. Turn was an Ace and he spaz shoves all in for 22k (pot was 20k). I call he has JJ (LOL). wp sir.

so im on 80k now at 600-1200bb and i raise TT on the button in to the big stacks BB. He had been pretty TAG up till now and had showed down a lot of big hands. He obv 3 bets me to 10k and i sigh. i call. flop 234r. he bets out 13k i call. turn is 5x. he checks, ( i shld probs bet here to make him fold non A hands but its hard to represent an A here with the action). river is 9. check check and i beat two hands weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. he has QQ obv.

So im down to 50k and manage to grind up to 75k when this wierd german guy who has played pretty weak all night raises to 3x in the cutoff. I make it 10k with A6cc (he has about 75k too) obv he calls. FLOP QJxhh i flat in order to check raise flop so that i dont get flatted and have to c.f turn. I can rep huge here and can give up easy too. He checks behind tho so i bet out the turn 5h for 13.5k. He thinks for a bit looks at one card (lol such flushdraws) and calls. river is a brick so i tank a bit and bet half 24k ( nearly half his stack) he tanks and folds. I let out huge breath haha.

so now i have 105k and the structure is pretty sick. there are 36 left with 18 paid and i think i can just chill for a bit. When it gets to 30bbs deep i figure i have a huge edge vs these guys when that shallow (big edge when deep stacked too obv).

170k 1st prize would be pretty sick. so looking forward to tomorrow. gl me.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


so I'm in Vienna playing the 3k euro challenge tournie. Doing pretty well in the main event but ill talk about that later.
Firstly as part of the party satellite package was entered into a 60 man 60k freeroll team event. It was basically a satellite tournament where one team would play from 30 to 5 players and then those 5 would play the final table where the payout structure was flat and each member of the team would get 750 euros if they won. It was 10k for first so i really wanted to win. The structure was awful (basically a 10x turbo) and only tony g remained of the the big live pros party poker had invited (roland de wolfe, devilfish and some other randoms were also playing). It was also a tv final table which was funny as there was absolutely no poker being played due to avg stack being around 5bbs for the most part. Anyways i was pretty grumpy throughout as i had been up for 24 hours and the structure made me want to cry. So eventually i get down to 2bbs after losing a race and then go on big rush and get half the chips in play, which was 12bbs (lol). then run AQ into AK 4 handed and 6bbs deep, lol. and end up coming 2nd for 7k euros. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

moving on to the main event today....

the structure was pretty sick with 15k starting stack and 90 mins levels with small increases throughout. I however was very tired and felt pretty sick and played really really bad all day. I get super lucky early on after over limping 33 and calling a raise. I then proceed to check raise 10106 flop vs initial raise an bet 1/3 of my stack on turn (sighing when i get called) and obv hitting 3 on river. Weee such donk double ups.

So i continue to play really bad until i get moved table and realize i shld just tighten up and the atm donkey who was raising and calling every hand to pay me off.

So i raise 99 in the CO on his big blind to 800 at 150-300 (i had 15k stack, he covers me). he calls (obv)
flop J82 one h
i check behind looking to get some turn and river value of an 8
turn 9h
ship it.... he bets 2k in 1750 on the turn i make it 5k total (of my 14k stack) he shakes his hand and calls (wtf)
river Ah
bad river for me as if i was bluffing with air i probs hit this river and could value shove an A and obv a flush. So i shove expecting him to fold (he never has fd or straight imo as he shld jam turn with both but live players are wierd)
Anyway he tanks and calls with J4. LOL.
so im up 25k at this point and then manage to get that donks stack with QQ after he 3 bets me pre and i call. Flop top set but didn't think i needed to. check called Q hi flop, lead turn for 1/4 of his stack (he calls lol)
and folds to my river shove for for 9k into around 30k on QxxJx board.
so ended the day with 45k and the avg stack is 25k tomorrow. 98 left with 18 paid so should be fun....

Friday, 7 March 2008

wow, i won!

So haven't been posting at all recently. being pretty lazy about it.
Not much has gone on since my last post. Been playing less tournaments a lot of cash. Haven't really played a lot of hands at cash in the past and have always been a good mtt player and a mediocre cash player. So this year i decided i'd work a lot harder on my cash game and pay my dues at 200nl before moving up to 400nl. So having grinded around 19k hands at 200nl and 400nl i am pleased to say that i am 11k in profit. it has been pretty nice being able to platy cash for a couple of hours a day and then go chill for the rest of the day rather than spend 10 hours grinding tournies. Anyways played the gukpt london and busted out after putting a big bluff on:

utg (donk station) limps for 150, utg+1 raises to 375 (imo he can never be huge here as the donk will call a lot preflop and i feel this is a marginal hand trying to isolate the donk), i'm on the button with 109o and raise to 1200, utg folds and utg+1 calls (15k effective stacks i think). Anyways board come K82ss i bet 1500 he calls, (at this point i put him on KJ/KQ or some wierdly played flush draw. The turn as an A and is obv a great bluffin card so i follow up with another bet and he calls, river is a blank he checks i fire 4kish in 7kish he snaps me with KJo (wtf). I have no idea why he calls here he beats nothing but air and after he asks "You had a pair right?" which just shows that he has no idea as i am never value betting less than a K on the river and probs dont even bet turn with that either. I either have AA/KK/AK/AQ or air. But whatever i had my soul read.

I then proceed to get it in with JJ for 25bbs vs CO raise ( he has KK obv).

gg there.

Anyways had a better day online where i managed to win some live UK seat worth 3k$, final table the 17.5k on ftp for 1.6k, super sat the monte carlo sat tomorrow (1k) and win the ftp 20r for 3k. That's about 7k profit and a long due win.

Ill talk first about the 17.5k tournie where it was super crapshooty with 6 left i manage to lose this huuuuuuuge flip:
and bust out in 5th. :(

Earlier however i managed to grind a shortstack to final table of the 20r. The field was very weak, which seems to be standard in the ftp rebuys. The chipleader was a donk and it was a lot of fun to play. I went on a mad rush and got the chip lead with 4 left when i play horrible (i ended up calling river just cos of pot odds lol):
Managed to double up with AA shortly after and get my lead back when the other guy manages to donk it with this obv flush draw. They guy snap shoves the flop and i was happy to see he didnt have any overs:
That hand pretty much won it for me (i had just won big flip vs the donk and he was 5bbs deep)
So ship that etc

Flying to vienna on sunday and hopefully i can win a live tournie finally or at least make the money lol.

Anyways later,

Saturday, 16 February 2008

feel a little sick :(

Last night i played the ftops 200$ 6max and managed to accumalte a huge stack on the bubble and went pretty deep.

Here is me doubling up very early on, not sure about his river play tho.

cdbr calling me down pretty light here....

Was down to about 6k on the bubble but managed to that up to 39k somehow without showdown. Was playing pretty good after playing pretty tight weak for a while...

Me running hot...

some guy playing a 9 very badly


here is me betting too much on the river...

so was up to 92k with around 50 left, and then disaster strikes:

I have great timing. lol. seemed a gd spot for a 3 bet with air as the BB is short.
Anyways that got me pretty short, but managed to dbl up with AK vs AQ... and then i gambled here for a big stack. (didnt think he had top two, tho)
Ended up in 30th and managed to break even for the day..

Anyways moving on, i managed to satelite the 2.5k ftops and managed to get a decent stack during the mid stages...

Found this minraise fold funny...

Turn killed my action here....

Think i should of bet river for value rather than c/r it here..

Thats a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge brick

So came 169thish. sigh.
Oh well
gl me tomorrow...

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Useless in Ftops, another mansion top 3 and a trip to vienna

Ill start with ftops.
First of i manage to satellite the 1k 6max in on of those 100chip sngs (where the play was LOL, ppl limp folding with 4bbs wtf wtf). but busted pretty quick as my QQ twice ran into a set in a 3 bet pot. Anyways, in the next ftops (6max 300r) i got stuck at a very tough table with David Benyamine, genius28 and believer8219. I managed to dbl first hand before i had chance to rebuy so i save myself 300 and finished the rebuy period with the minstack but for a discount price. I was pretty happy with my play on a very difficult table and felt i was playing pretty good. That was until Benyamine lost a race and then played this hand awfully
No wonder he is busto....

Moving on...

Earlier i managed to get myself a package to the vienna euro challenge(7.5k$) which was nice although i had never heard of the event. Things got pretty dicey when we got 3 handed but i luckboxed the seat.

(also satelited the mansion 1k)

I seemed to have lost all of the mansion hands but its a crapshoot so apart from early on it all races and resteals. Anyways managed to final table the mansion 50k with moorman and while he lost a race and finished in 9th, i managed to ladder up and spike a 2nd for 8k. Obv i'm disappointed i didn't win as i donked off superbly heads up.


8.5k$ worth of satelite packages and 8k for the mansion win. Not too bad if you ask me.


Sunday, 10 February 2008

Finally get a score but another nearly night

So last night i played the big saturday tournaments and things went pretty good. I think i played very good last nite and was very unloucky not to pick up a 20k score.

The night started out when i make a bad play with bottom set (i should reallly fold turn, its kinda obv):
gg stars 300

I then managed to run KK into AA and wanted to check fold flop as i was pretty sure he had AA but meh i suck:
gg ftops 100r

Then i manage to get two outered for a big pot in the ftp 300 6 max, sigh:

So thats everything i busted...
I did however manage one deep finish coming 3rd in the mansion 70k. I was hugely disappointed with this result as i had a huge lead with 60 left and a double chip lead coming into the final table.
I just couldn't manage to win the important flips when we were 5 handed and 3 handed.

Me tilt shoving river and representing absolutely nothing (came around the same time as ftp 6 max bust)

This guy's slow playing AA didn't go so well...

This guy had 9 lives.

Manage to get my chips back straight away here

It then gets super crapshooty and i have 700k to the other twos 200k. I shove K10cc on button and get called by 99. flop a fd and brick to the guy who sucks out on my QQ. I then 4 bet shove 99 into same guy, he tanks with AK (lol) and wins race. 3rd place for me. and 7k (20k for first).

So very very disapointed about that.....
oh well majors one time pls.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Coolered out of euro deep stack tournie, and running bad late in tournies....

so i managed to run awful again in a live donkament. went to Dublin with johne147 to play the Euro deepstack 1500 euro ME. Had a good time while i was there but very disappointed that i busted early in a cooler. I basically killed the table in the first 4 levels and even owned Julian thew a couple of times (altho he did make a good call down vs me). Anyway i managed to bust in a huge 700bb pot when i flopped a set of sixes in a 3 bet pot. I can ever fold here no matter how deep i am (well mb 1000bb's deep). Here is the hand on the update page:

Anyways came back to london today and played some donakments and managed to play pretty good but get unlucky with 12 left in 3 tournies. Busted 8th in ftp 32k (shoved KQ on button into AQ), 10th in stars 50r (restealed KQ into AJ) and 12th in ipoker 100k (shoved 66 into JJ). Really sucks as i thought id get a win in at least one.

O well, will play the next 3 days as well. so hopefully will pick up something soon.


Sunday, 3 February 2008

ftops avatar win

Not much news from the last few days. Been a bit frustrating as always. Managed a 5th in the 50-50on ftp. But been frustrating in everything else. I did however manage to win an ftop avatar race which gives me entry to half of the ftops events (3k package). It's a bit stupid tho as a lot of the nlhe events aren't included and some plo tournies are instead. I wouldn't play the plo events but this will give me a chance to improve my plo game which is woeful. I'll be trying to improve my game over the next week or so.
majors tonite.
gl me.

Thursday, 31 January 2008

live poker makes me lol

So i got fucked in the 1k and sunday majors were a washout.
Only just got my internet back, so ive been play live at this local poker club. Its a 1-2£ PL holdem game and the play is equivalent to a $25nl game. Every one is pretty deep tho so it's a lot of fun.
Anyway i pwned every1 on the first night.
The first huge pot i won went like this:
I just lost a 400£ pot so was tilting a bit, and i raise next 4 hands. This guy 3 bets 3 of those 4 hands. and i fold the first two. but the last one i get JJ so i call in order to play a flop (both had £600+ stacks). So i make it £7 utg, he 3 bets to £50ish. I call. Flop Q83 rainbow. I check he bets pot (130ish) very quickly. My read here is that he either has AA/KK or air. So i call, looking to check/fold turn. however a J turns so i check raise all in over his committed pot bet. he sighs and calls with KK. and berates me for an hour. Altho his pot bet on turn is bad imo as im check folding everything except a set/2pair there. And he probs has me drawing to two outs. so he can check to get a river bet out of me.

I continue to own the the table. And then this huge hand happens. I raise KK utg. and get called in two places and the BB 3 bets to 50. (we had been clashing a lot and he was pretty lag). So i 4 bet to 150. He calls. flop J76hh. i bet 200 into 300. he shoves after 2 mins. i snap call. He has 99. turn 99. ship the man the 1500£ pot.

went back tonight and managed to win 1500£ (had 200 profit from last nite). so all in all a gd two days.

internet is back now tho. so playing everything.


Saturday, 26 January 2008

Saturdays and the mansion 1k

played the usual Saturday tournies and didn't cash in anything.
However there was the mansion 1k 6 max which was 500k gtd and played over two days. I managed to grind the early period and was at 10bbs at one stage. I then gambled with KQ and won vs AJ. Then i grinded back up to 15k (was at 3k 10bbs).
I started to play a lot better from here on and managed to flop huge versus goodvib1 and get it in vs a fd and gutshot for a huge pot here:

Dr.Fun posts blind ($200), goodvibe1 posts blind ($400).


hackel84 folds, men at work folds, Redenzio folds, All In Man 7 folds, Dr.Fun bets $900, goodvibe1 calls $700.

[board cards: JS,QS,TD ]
Dr.Fun bets $1,200, goodvibe1 bets $4,800, Dr.Fun bets $8,000, goodvibe1 bets $8,800, Dr.Fun bets $4,416 and is all-in, goodvibe1 calls $16.

[board cards: JS,QS,TD,7C ]

[board cards: JS,QS,TD,7C,4C ]


Dr.Fun shows [ 9S,KS ]
goodvibe1 shows [ 8S,AS ]
Dr.Fun wins $29,432.

From here i just played sick and managed to get from 25k to 58k without showdown and ended the day 12th of 50.
So ill be back tomorrow for day 2 tomorrow and all the other sunday majors. which shld be fun.

laters gg

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Break even day despite 3.6k win

So i played a lot less volume last night, playing two different sessions which including all the 100+$ buyins from 6pm to 8pm. Didn't manage any cashes except in the crypto 20k, where i took second for 3.6k. Then played the 2 ams (stars 150k, stars 20r and the tilt 6max 100r). Was in for 700 in th 100r but got a good stack. I played pretty bad tho and crashed out when some guy calls 1/3 of my stack preflop with 9 high. WP sir.

Made a deep run in the 20r where i managed to save some hands.
Here is me hitting a straight flush and loving the river. However the river wasn't good for me and the guy makes a terrible call.
I flop good.
nice hero call, obv putting me on 87.
This kind of annoyed me as i put him on a pair and a club as he SHOULD be chck raising with any set or fd. However he pwns me.
cheeky steal
The DRY is so obv here and i want to fold pre. I think i shld flat and try and win a side pot of the other guy. But i get lucky.
pwning the guy who cracked my AA

Then went card dead and eventually shoved A10 into AJ, and then A10 into AQ. gg me

Oh here is another lol call.

Going to dublin on 7th of feb with johne147 for some deep stack tournie. Shld be fun. Taking a coupl of days off till the weekend.


Saturday, 19 January 2008

LOL at live poker

So i played the GUKPT brighton and was amazed and how retarded the level of play was. It was one of the easiest tournaments i have ever played. Live players just have no idea about stack sizes, ranges and basic tournament play.

So early on i play super loose passive and dont hit many flops during the first two levels and hit the break with just above the starting stack. the next level was 75/150 and i started to open a lot more pots. At one stage i must have had a vpip of 60%. Anyways people are retarted:

I open KJo for 400 and get 3 bet to 900 (he has AA 100% of the time). I call (we both have 10k stacks) flop K10x rainbow i check call a 1/3 pot bet and check fold to his pot bet on turn. He shows AA.

Next orbit i open 77 after raising last 4 hands and get 3 bet to 900 again ( he has AA obv). I call, flop 762 2 diamonds. He bets 1/3 pot, i call. He pots turn i shove he insta calls shows AA and i hold. ship it.
So up to around 18k and i basically run over the table, increasing my stack from 18k to 36k without many showdowns.

Then disaster strikes.
A young guy comes to the table with a 30k stack during the 4th level (100-200) and stares at me all night as i basically grind his stack down to 16k because he is a retarded fool. Anyways he manages to luckbox some one shoving 10k utg with 87s into his AA to give himself a 26k stack. He has rarely played back at mee all night but i know he is gonna make some stupid move on me.
He raises in mid position at 400-800 (26k stack) to 2200 and i look down at QQ in the BB and 3 bet to 5900. I 3 bet really small as i know i can outplay him on the flop while i also felt he would bluff shove here a lot. He thinks for ages and then weakly moves all in. I snap call. He has A9o and rivers a straight. Putting me down to 10k moving into the last level (500-1000).

I then shove AQs over a utg+1 4x open by a 12bb stack who has no idea about opening ranges as exemplified here as he tanks and eventually calls with A8s and hits a 8.

So live poker is rigged and people are completely retarded.

I am definitely playing more GUKPTs as 80% of field is dead money.




Friday, 11 January 2008

Finally get a result!!!

Cash games have got better in the last few days and i have made a bit of a recovery. After running half decent for a bit. but cash is dull.

Mtts are much more exciting and i finally get a good result taking 2nd in the 32k on FTP for 6k. I ran shit hot in this tournie making lots of fun mistakes and getting it in light a lot. But i run good, and so i shipped 2nd after dominating the final table. I managed to run QQ into AA 4 handed for a big pot and lost, ran AA into AA and AK into AK (3 handed). HU was pretty lame but i managed to get the chip lead with A9 VS k9 aipf and then pretty soon shoved A8 on the button into AQ and never recovered. But im happy with my play overall on the final table.

Gonna be playing all weekend so i guess that ill lose all this profit by then. Sigh


Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Cash game swings

So i came 6th in the 32k on monday night, which was kind of disappointing but i ran pretty good at the end of the tournie and managed to final table despite being desperate at some stages.
Anyways been playing cash since, and played a super long tilt session which went pretty badly.
Image is a bit blurry but somehow i ended up 5 buyins down on 200nl. I then got back to even but lost the sickest hand HU:
(i have no idea why he is shoving 200bbs with a gutshot here, crazy)
So that titled me huge and i then lost AA to KK in a sick pot vs a very LAG player who i was trapping until the river in a 3 bet pot ( A45KK) board. Also a 400bb pot.
So i tilted some more. Got some back and then decided to play 10-20 HU limit, which ill be honest is a mystery to me. And lost another 1k.
But things have turned around tonight as i won 3 buyins at my usual level of 500nl (I just dont understand these 200nl donks).
Here are some nice hands:
(i lolled at his river bet)
(wow i hit my massive draw, haven't one of these in a while)
ummm, cant find many others. Could show some suckouts/coolers. But bored of them.
Anyway, hopefully ill be back to tournies tonight, but pretty tired and got some wierd hours going on so not sure.

Anyways gg

Thursday, 3 January 2008

End of year review

Sorry i havent posted for ages but after a shit month i have beena bit lazy about it.

So here are my results for the year which are pretty solid. They are kinda inflated by my 3 big wins (2nd chances and the tilt 300 6 max). Obviously $154573 in mtt profit is pretty sick for my first 6 months playing and getting ranked (for 2 weeks) makes it a pretty good start to my poker career. I feel i have lost my way in the last couple of months and im not sure where my skills have gone. A couple of goals for the new year are:
1. to finish my dissertation
2. make another $150k
3. play 100k+ hands of cash and break even (lol)
4. get into ranked in top 50 (or just ranked again)
5. Play live more

Party Poker:

Full tilt poker:


On a serperate note i just finished an interview for flush magazine which is pretty sweet. I'll tell you guys when it comes out.
No cashes for a while.