Thursday, 31 January 2008

live poker makes me lol

So i got fucked in the 1k and sunday majors were a washout.
Only just got my internet back, so ive been play live at this local poker club. Its a 1-2£ PL holdem game and the play is equivalent to a $25nl game. Every one is pretty deep tho so it's a lot of fun.
Anyway i pwned every1 on the first night.
The first huge pot i won went like this:
I just lost a 400£ pot so was tilting a bit, and i raise next 4 hands. This guy 3 bets 3 of those 4 hands. and i fold the first two. but the last one i get JJ so i call in order to play a flop (both had £600+ stacks). So i make it £7 utg, he 3 bets to £50ish. I call. Flop Q83 rainbow. I check he bets pot (130ish) very quickly. My read here is that he either has AA/KK or air. So i call, looking to check/fold turn. however a J turns so i check raise all in over his committed pot bet. he sighs and calls with KK. and berates me for an hour. Altho his pot bet on turn is bad imo as im check folding everything except a set/2pair there. And he probs has me drawing to two outs. so he can check to get a river bet out of me.

I continue to own the the table. And then this huge hand happens. I raise KK utg. and get called in two places and the BB 3 bets to 50. (we had been clashing a lot and he was pretty lag). So i 4 bet to 150. He calls. flop J76hh. i bet 200 into 300. he shoves after 2 mins. i snap call. He has 99. turn 99. ship the man the 1500£ pot.

went back tonight and managed to win 1500£ (had 200 profit from last nite). so all in all a gd two days.

internet is back now tho. so playing everything.


Saturday, 26 January 2008

Saturdays and the mansion 1k

played the usual Saturday tournies and didn't cash in anything.
However there was the mansion 1k 6 max which was 500k gtd and played over two days. I managed to grind the early period and was at 10bbs at one stage. I then gambled with KQ and won vs AJ. Then i grinded back up to 15k (was at 3k 10bbs).
I started to play a lot better from here on and managed to flop huge versus goodvib1 and get it in vs a fd and gutshot for a huge pot here:

Dr.Fun posts blind ($200), goodvibe1 posts blind ($400).


hackel84 folds, men at work folds, Redenzio folds, All In Man 7 folds, Dr.Fun bets $900, goodvibe1 calls $700.

[board cards: JS,QS,TD ]
Dr.Fun bets $1,200, goodvibe1 bets $4,800, Dr.Fun bets $8,000, goodvibe1 bets $8,800, Dr.Fun bets $4,416 and is all-in, goodvibe1 calls $16.

[board cards: JS,QS,TD,7C ]

[board cards: JS,QS,TD,7C,4C ]


Dr.Fun shows [ 9S,KS ]
goodvibe1 shows [ 8S,AS ]
Dr.Fun wins $29,432.

From here i just played sick and managed to get from 25k to 58k without showdown and ended the day 12th of 50.
So ill be back tomorrow for day 2 tomorrow and all the other sunday majors. which shld be fun.

laters gg

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Break even day despite 3.6k win

So i played a lot less volume last night, playing two different sessions which including all the 100+$ buyins from 6pm to 8pm. Didn't manage any cashes except in the crypto 20k, where i took second for 3.6k. Then played the 2 ams (stars 150k, stars 20r and the tilt 6max 100r). Was in for 700 in th 100r but got a good stack. I played pretty bad tho and crashed out when some guy calls 1/3 of my stack preflop with 9 high. WP sir.

Made a deep run in the 20r where i managed to save some hands.
Here is me hitting a straight flush and loving the river. However the river wasn't good for me and the guy makes a terrible call.
I flop good.
nice hero call, obv putting me on 87.
This kind of annoyed me as i put him on a pair and a club as he SHOULD be chck raising with any set or fd. However he pwns me.
cheeky steal
The DRY is so obv here and i want to fold pre. I think i shld flat and try and win a side pot of the other guy. But i get lucky.
pwning the guy who cracked my AA

Then went card dead and eventually shoved A10 into AJ, and then A10 into AQ. gg me

Oh here is another lol call.

Going to dublin on 7th of feb with johne147 for some deep stack tournie. Shld be fun. Taking a coupl of days off till the weekend.


Saturday, 19 January 2008

LOL at live poker

So i played the GUKPT brighton and was amazed and how retarded the level of play was. It was one of the easiest tournaments i have ever played. Live players just have no idea about stack sizes, ranges and basic tournament play.

So early on i play super loose passive and dont hit many flops during the first two levels and hit the break with just above the starting stack. the next level was 75/150 and i started to open a lot more pots. At one stage i must have had a vpip of 60%. Anyways people are retarted:

I open KJo for 400 and get 3 bet to 900 (he has AA 100% of the time). I call (we both have 10k stacks) flop K10x rainbow i check call a 1/3 pot bet and check fold to his pot bet on turn. He shows AA.

Next orbit i open 77 after raising last 4 hands and get 3 bet to 900 again ( he has AA obv). I call, flop 762 2 diamonds. He bets 1/3 pot, i call. He pots turn i shove he insta calls shows AA and i hold. ship it.
So up to around 18k and i basically run over the table, increasing my stack from 18k to 36k without many showdowns.

Then disaster strikes.
A young guy comes to the table with a 30k stack during the 4th level (100-200) and stares at me all night as i basically grind his stack down to 16k because he is a retarded fool. Anyways he manages to luckbox some one shoving 10k utg with 87s into his AA to give himself a 26k stack. He has rarely played back at mee all night but i know he is gonna make some stupid move on me.
He raises in mid position at 400-800 (26k stack) to 2200 and i look down at QQ in the BB and 3 bet to 5900. I 3 bet really small as i know i can outplay him on the flop while i also felt he would bluff shove here a lot. He thinks for ages and then weakly moves all in. I snap call. He has A9o and rivers a straight. Putting me down to 10k moving into the last level (500-1000).

I then shove AQs over a utg+1 4x open by a 12bb stack who has no idea about opening ranges as exemplified here as he tanks and eventually calls with A8s and hits a 8.

So live poker is rigged and people are completely retarded.

I am definitely playing more GUKPTs as 80% of field is dead money.




Friday, 11 January 2008

Finally get a result!!!

Cash games have got better in the last few days and i have made a bit of a recovery. After running half decent for a bit. but cash is dull.

Mtts are much more exciting and i finally get a good result taking 2nd in the 32k on FTP for 6k. I ran shit hot in this tournie making lots of fun mistakes and getting it in light a lot. But i run good, and so i shipped 2nd after dominating the final table. I managed to run QQ into AA 4 handed for a big pot and lost, ran AA into AA and AK into AK (3 handed). HU was pretty lame but i managed to get the chip lead with A9 VS k9 aipf and then pretty soon shoved A8 on the button into AQ and never recovered. But im happy with my play overall on the final table.

Gonna be playing all weekend so i guess that ill lose all this profit by then. Sigh


Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Cash game swings

So i came 6th in the 32k on monday night, which was kind of disappointing but i ran pretty good at the end of the tournie and managed to final table despite being desperate at some stages.
Anyways been playing cash since, and played a super long tilt session which went pretty badly.
Image is a bit blurry but somehow i ended up 5 buyins down on 200nl. I then got back to even but lost the sickest hand HU:
(i have no idea why he is shoving 200bbs with a gutshot here, crazy)
So that titled me huge and i then lost AA to KK in a sick pot vs a very LAG player who i was trapping until the river in a 3 bet pot ( A45KK) board. Also a 400bb pot.
So i tilted some more. Got some back and then decided to play 10-20 HU limit, which ill be honest is a mystery to me. And lost another 1k.
But things have turned around tonight as i won 3 buyins at my usual level of 500nl (I just dont understand these 200nl donks).
Here are some nice hands:
(i lolled at his river bet)
(wow i hit my massive draw, haven't one of these in a while)
ummm, cant find many others. Could show some suckouts/coolers. But bored of them.
Anyway, hopefully ill be back to tournies tonight, but pretty tired and got some wierd hours going on so not sure.

Anyways gg

Thursday, 3 January 2008

End of year review

Sorry i havent posted for ages but after a shit month i have beena bit lazy about it.

So here are my results for the year which are pretty solid. They are kinda inflated by my 3 big wins (2nd chances and the tilt 300 6 max). Obviously $154573 in mtt profit is pretty sick for my first 6 months playing and getting ranked (for 2 weeks) makes it a pretty good start to my poker career. I feel i have lost my way in the last couple of months and im not sure where my skills have gone. A couple of goals for the new year are:
1. to finish my dissertation
2. make another $150k
3. play 100k+ hands of cash and break even (lol)
4. get into ranked in top 50 (or just ranked again)
5. Play live more

Party Poker:

Full tilt poker:


On a serperate note i just finished an interview for flush magazine which is pretty sweet. I'll tell you guys when it comes out.
No cashes for a while.