Saturday, 16 February 2008

feel a little sick :(

Last night i played the ftops 200$ 6max and managed to accumalte a huge stack on the bubble and went pretty deep.
Here is me doubling up very early on, not sure about his river play tho.
cdbr calling me down pretty light here....

Was down to about 6k on the bubble but managed to that up to 39k somehow without showdown. Was playing pretty good after playing pretty tight weak for a while...
Me running hot...
some guy playing a 9 very badly

here is me betting too much on the river...

so was up to 92k with around 50 left, and then disaster strikes:

I have great timing. lol. seemed a gd spot for a 3 bet with air as the BB is short.
Anyways that got me pretty short, but managed to dbl up with AK vs AQ... and then i gambled here for a big stack. (didnt think he had top two, tho)
Ended up in 30th and managed to break even for the day..

Anyways moving on, i managed to satelite the 2.5k ftops and managed to get a decent stack during the mid stages...
Found this minraise fold funny...
Turn killed my action here....
Think i should of bet river for value rather than c/r it here..
Thats a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge brick

So came 169thish. sigh.
Oh well
gl me tomorrow...

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Useless in Ftops, another mansion top 3 and a trip to vienna

Ill start with ftops.
First of i manage to satellite the 1k 6max in on of those 100chip sngs (where the play was LOL, ppl limp folding with 4bbs wtf wtf). but busted pretty quick as my QQ twice ran into a set in a 3 bet pot. Anyways, in the next ftops (6max 300r) i got stuck at a very tough table with David Benyamine, genius28 and believer8219. I managed to dbl first hand before i had chance to rebuy so i save myself 300 and finished the rebuy period with the minstack but for a discount price. I was pretty happy with my play on a very difficult table and felt i was playing pretty good. That was until Benyamine lost a race and then played this hand awfully
No wonder he is busto....

Moving on...

Earlier i managed to get myself a package to the vienna euro challenge(7.5k$) which was nice although i had never heard of the event. Things got pretty dicey when we got 3 handed but i luckboxed the seat.

(also satelited the mansion 1k)

I seemed to have lost all of the mansion hands but its a crapshoot so apart from early on it all races and resteals. Anyways managed to final table the mansion 50k with moorman and while he lost a race and finished in 9th, i managed to ladder up and spike a 2nd for 8k. Obv i'm disappointed i didn't win as i donked off superbly heads up.


8.5k$ worth of satelite packages and 8k for the mansion win. Not too bad if you ask me.


Sunday, 10 February 2008

Finally get a score but another nearly night

So last night i played the big saturday tournaments and things went pretty good. I think i played very good last nite and was very unloucky not to pick up a 20k score.

The night started out when i make a bad play with bottom set (i should reallly fold turn, its kinda obv):
gg stars 300

I then managed to run KK into AA and wanted to check fold flop as i was pretty sure he had AA but meh i suck:
gg ftops 100r

Then i manage to get two outered for a big pot in the ftp 300 6 max, sigh:

So thats everything i busted...
I did however manage one deep finish coming 3rd in the mansion 70k. I was hugely disappointed with this result as i had a huge lead with 60 left and a double chip lead coming into the final table.
I just couldn't manage to win the important flips when we were 5 handed and 3 handed.
Me tilt shoving river and representing absolutely nothing (came around the same time as ftp 6 max bust)
This guy's slow playing AA didn't go so well...
This guy had 9 lives.
Manage to get my chips back straight away here

It then gets super crapshooty and i have 700k to the other twos 200k. I shove K10cc on button and get called by 99. flop a fd and brick to the guy who sucks out on my QQ. I then 4 bet shove 99 into same guy, he tanks with AK (lol) and wins race. 3rd place for me. and 7k (20k for first).

So very very disapointed about that.....
oh well majors one time pls.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Coolered out of euro deep stack tournie, and running bad late in tournies....

so i managed to run awful again in a live donkament. went to Dublin with johne147 to play the Euro deepstack 1500 euro ME. Had a good time while i was there but very disappointed that i busted early in a cooler. I basically killed the table in the first 4 levels and even owned Julian thew a couple of times (altho he did make a good call down vs me). Anyway i managed to bust in a huge 700bb pot when i flopped a set of sixes in a 3 bet pot. I can ever fold here no matter how deep i am (well mb 1000bb's deep). Here is the hand on the update page:

Anyways came back to london today and played some donakments and managed to play pretty good but get unlucky with 12 left in 3 tournies. Busted 8th in ftp 32k (shoved KQ on button into AQ), 10th in stars 50r (restealed KQ into AJ) and 12th in ipoker 100k (shoved 66 into JJ). Really sucks as i thought id get a win in at least one.

O well, will play the next 3 days as well. so hopefully will pick up something soon.


Sunday, 3 February 2008

ftops avatar win

Not much news from the last few days. Been a bit frustrating as always. Managed a 5th in the 50-50on ftp. But been frustrating in everything else. I did however manage to win an ftop avatar race which gives me entry to half of the ftops events (3k package). It's a bit stupid tho as a lot of the nlhe events aren't included and some plo tournies are instead. I wouldn't play the plo events but this will give me a chance to improve my plo game which is woeful. I'll be trying to improve my game over the next week or so.
majors tonite.
gl me.