Sunday, 27 April 2008

GUKPT donk out,student tournie win, and first ever party win!!

SO played a student donkament with my old mates last week and obviously won. Ran super hot as i blind shoved 62s and tripled up into the chip lead. Then got TT in vs AA for 50% of the chips in play, and obv hit my straight. Manage to take it down from there for £1k. Which was ok i guess.
Anyways, somehow had a bad week spent a load of cash so it was nice to take down the party 50k for a total of 16k. This tournie has owned my soul this year as every week i seem to final table it only to come 7th or 8th etc. So this time with my lucky party charm moorman1 at the table i liked my chances. Was Chip leader for most of the final table before caliing 3 streets from moorman blind on blind with middle pair and getting rivered. Got to HU and ran a bit cold vs complete donk who wanted to deal with 3 left. meh. So won that. :)
Also made day 2 the mansion 1k with a good stack so have a chance in that. Busted the 3 million which had an 800k overlay with KK into AA. sigh. Just give me that cooler in any other 1k tournie just not the one with the huuuuuuuuuuge overlay and 1 mill 1st prize. so sick.
Anyways, glfor me in the majors tonight.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Cash hands

So i just finished a session of1knl and managed to find some crazy donk with a big stack. Obvioulsy igot it all of him, by moving to his left and taking him to value town. Here are tsome of the big hands vs him and some others:
well this was the biggest pot and the one i busted him on. He was pretty much a station who overplayed all of his hands. So here i check raise nut fd with an over (std) and he min raises me. Vs most people i would just shove here with FE and a ton of outs but i know that he will call off his stack here and i didnt want to get it in as a dog.I was pretty sure my Ace was live and we both had 1200 behind if i called. So i call hit my A and c/r all in. Most ppl wouldnt play their K7 like this. And i hit my nut card on the river. gg him.
Here is the average mansion donk. bet calling every street for a whole stack with middle pair. Not sure he has played poker before...
I'm pretty sure this guy mucked Tens or marbe 99. But you gotta take these fish to value town.
Here i was pretty deep with this guy but he had been stacking off very light and shoving in bad spots. So bet calling the turn was the best line vs him,i never expected him to have better than QQ here as we were so deep that he wouldnt slowplay KK/AA vs me.He could have had a set but 99-JJ was more likely with him.
i was up huge in this session so decided to gamble with this straight flush draw and get called by two sets but obviously hit all my outs.
I got some more but cant really find any so ill post my graph for the week. Had a bit of a dodgy week but came through in the end. Not nearly as much profit as i had hoped but i didn'tplay that many hands and ran bad for a large portion of those hands.


Saturday, 12 April 2008

OMG i won a donkament wtf!!!

So was playing cash alst nite and had sick run to end up 3k down yay! so played some donkaments and played pretty well managing a 14th in the 40k ftp and winning the stars 50r for 8k.

So the story of the 50r....
Finished the rebuy period with 5.5k (small stack but in for min) and grinded for a while before manging to dbl up twice. Somehow i managed to bulldozer my tables and get into the top 5 chips. Then i had this stupid cooler:
This hand was funny, expected to see AA but he fodled with 5k behind... WP sir
Mossified is a donk here, such an awful shove:
Flatted AA here vs LAG but got scary when 4 ppl see the flop but a nice double:
So i get to the final table 2nd in chips and cruising.... there were no other good players at the final table so i like my chances. Especially after winning this big flip vs chipleader:
From here i basically dominated the final table and had more than half the chips in play with 4 left. I take it down thankfully.

will post some cash hands next week..


Thursday, 10 April 2008

Cash update

So as i said in my last post i have been concentrating on my cash game. and this week has been another good week so far. Except for a little slip up after arsenal got cheated out of the champions league (lucky scousers) and i dropped 5 buyins in 30 mins tilting like crazy. Anyways here is my weeks graph so far:

I know cash games are more boring to talk about then tournaments but my tournament game is pretty crap at the moment and i'm lacking in confidence. Gonna play cash for a bit then go up and play the gukpt where i'm gonna go over to john's(johne147) house and hopefully he will be able to look at my game.

Anyways till later this week.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sigh saturdays

So saturdays have become quite a big expense recently with all the big satelites i've been playing and the 300's. Played the monte carlo sat but shoved A8 into KK in a standard spot so meh.......
Didnt really get anything going but was 2nd in chips in the 20r with 41 left when full tilt crashed and got 700$ish for that (obv was gonna win it but.....)

Nothing else happened last night so i guess ill show some fun hands that made me laugh:
I'm still not sure if my flat on turn is spew as his bet is pretty strong but i have no idea how he called my river bet as i am rarely bluffing in this spot.

This is complete spew by me, i should never call on flop with no implied odds when i hit and when i'm likely to chop or lose to AQ which is what i did.
I love the call of my 4 bet when pretty deep and the minbet to induce my shove.... lol
gotta love this call down
got pwned here, was expecting to see underpairs and AK/KQ/AQ alas i level myself.
Wtf are ppl calling my opens with 87o oop especially when i have 16bb stack. Way to ding that river.
This hand shows that people are idiots. So i check behind on flop so i dont have a pair (most of the time and if i do its AA but we are deep so i dont check it here) The guy then c/r me on the turn with a gutshot and i call so i obv have KQ/AK or any K for that matter. Anyone can see that and he is repping 1 hand (44) so i have no idea why he expects me to fold this river. No two pair hands c/r this turn so i call here with any pair and snap river. its pretty retarded.

Anyways i guess they weren't that exciting. hope sundays go better and then its back to cash games for the week.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Live donkaments are rigged and cash game fun

Been lazy recently and havent posted in a while. Played the GSNP (1k$ live donkament) last week and ran pretty hot on day1. Finished the day as chip leader with a 10k lead over 2nd place and a big lead over the rest of the field. I was very confident going into day 2 as the play up till now had been ridiculously bad. It carried on that way on day 2 but somehow i kept running into hand after hand (got showed AA 4 times). So basically i grinded all day and managed to cash in 15th (15 paid) and busted 15th when i lost a race. So live donkaments are rigged.

Played some tournies online and managed a 3rd in the stars 4 max and a 4th in the stars 109 for around 5k. Since i havent managed much at all...

Anyways, been playing a decent amount of cash in the last few weeks. Started of playing 200nl on mansion and quickly realised how soft the site was so moved up to 400nl pretty quick where i have now clocked 20k hands and 18k profit which is pretty sick. Thinking im gonna move up to 600nl soon as the play seems just as bad there. I'm also thinking about only playing donkaments on the weekend and playing cash during the week as i have become bored of the daily tournie grind and feel i can make more $ playing cash during the week.
Here is my graph for mansion and a printscreen of my poker tracker stats:

Also my interview with moorman and tabbati comes out soon in insidepoker so check that out and im writing an article about sateliteing to live tournies for inside poker as well.