Monday, 12 May 2008

100r addiction and bubbling

So i have been playing the 100r recently and felt that i was doing a lot better. Played it the other night while drunk and managed to bubble in a big race where the other might have folded (but they all donks). Anyways i kinda got the 100r bug now.

Sundays were a wash out as i was hungover and payed some v good and some v bad hands. Busted the warmup early despite owning the table in the first hour:
i should of folded here, if he shoves i can call but a small limp reraise def wants action and im stupid (or too hungover) to see that.
Anyways lost a race to bust after that.

I then played the ftops event 8 HU tournie which was fun until i managed to get drawn with an ftops specialist kiwid10 who would eventually come 4th.
From my 1st round opponent. I obv shove 2x pot on river for value weeeeeeeeeee.
This was a very tough spot vs my second round opponent but with no info other than he was good. Its obv a fold as i think he had 85ss/108ss and backdoored into a straight mb i can bet smaller on the river as i didnt really like the river as it gave a ot of two pairs and straights. oh well. busted that titlting after this hand lol.

Got deep in the party 300k but bubbled in huge pot when i got JJ in vs QQ on a ten high board for 100bbs (yeah i suck).


Friday, 9 May 2008

losing week

So after that 300 win ive had a pretty shit weak. few cashes on sunday and very few since then. Add these together with 4k cash losses and that equals a bad week.
So it would of been nice if one of the three rebuy tournaments i went deep in paid off. Alas they didnt.

Firstly i final tabled the ftp 30r (nicknamed "the moorman" as chris wins it 3 times a week) but a lack of cards meant i finished in 7th. Then i managed a 5th in the stars 20r playing really nitty with the cards i got and losing some critical pots.

Lastly i finally managed to get deep in the 100r but after playing my best poker for a while and running decently i lost a big flip and busted shortly after. So far i think im 6k$ down this week but not entirely sure. sigh.

Oh well gl all. taking day off and back on saturday.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Another 300 win !!!!!!

well another week and another satuday 320$ win. this time it was on pokerstars where i managed to take down the only major satuday 320 i hadnt won yet (party last week and won the ftp one ages ago). I played pretty good in all my tournies but got a bit wasteful towards the end of the stars 109 and 50r, where i donked some big stacks.

the 320 was fun tho and things went my way around the bubble where i managed to go from 16bbs to 60bbs fairly quickly winning races and becoming a card rack. the final table was a bit of grind until we got 4 handed and i doubled with AK vs 44 in a standard resteal situation. Then i won 55 vs 66 (skill game obv). When we got down to heads up i felt i had the better of my opponent despite him having a 2 to 1 chip lead. I doubled early and took the lead with KK vs J7 on a J hi board but i played to many 3 bet pots out of position when he just wasnt folding to my 3 bets so he grinded back to even. I finally managed to pick up a hand in the BB and got it in with KK vs a flush draw and held for the win. weeeeeeeeeeeee

Maybe i can make a surge up the rankings now as my plb score is seriously low. oh well.