Sunday, 22 June 2008

Vegas: wsop 1.5k

so i arrived in vegas on friday only to find out andy couldnt get a room for the weekend so ended up sleeping on a couch. sigh variance. 
So played the 1.5k wsop event and the play was so bad i was fist pumping inside. I manage to chip up to 6k before the 1st break (3k starting stack) with out any showdowns. That was pretty crucial as i had no hands at all. Then i get moved to another table with chris vaughn (meh spelling, guy from bluff who sold million and 750k stack to imperium, i think). He proceeds to run over table and i get no hands to fight back with. Oh well. so dont make any progress then get 88 in vs 8 bb stack lose, and get crippled and never recover. blah blah.
Sundays weren't great. got coolered all over etc. 
staying at the bellagio tonite for a few days and am hoping to grind the live cash all week until the next wsop 1.5k. 
Moving to the palms after that. Hoping online goes a bit better and i dont lose too much of my Bankroll while im here. 
Hanging out with shaun deeb and thary and some other guys is obv very good for my game. 
gonna try and meet up with pab, stevie and chris later some time. anwyays. 
catch u guys later

Thursday, 19 June 2008

vegas baby!

So its been a long time since i last updated my blog, so ill try and fill in the blanks. 
Basically been very lazy in last month. Mostly playing cash games on a new site pretty successfully and barely playing any tournaments at all as i cant seem to do shit in them anymore. I have lost most of my confidence in my tournament play.  I just cant ever seem to get anything going and hardly cash at all. Probs just a downswing but i feel im not playing as good as i used to.

Anyways moving on, i've been killing at 1knl on this new site (which im not gonna name, cos its so good). Every1 is so awful tho, they all play pretty loose passive so when i run hot i absolutely kill the games. Even the 10-20 is soft and im running pretty good there. Up around 30k or so without putting that many hands. Unfortunately i dont have any hand histories to show u guys.

Heading to vegas tomorrow, staying with andy and some other guys at the rio and the maybe the palms later on. My plan is to play some of the 1.5ks and 2k wsop events. I'll also be grinding the live cash games. Hoping to just break even out there tbh. Obv playing the main event on the 3rd and ill try and update this as regularly as possible. 

vegas baby.