Thursday, 10 July 2008

bust wsop ME chilling in vegas now

So i bust the wsop ME in the 2nd level. kinda sucks. table was pretty soft for first 30 mins until that empty seat on my left gets filled by allen "fucking" cunningham. Give him half my stack in meh spot.
I raise JJ utg at 50-100 (20k effective stacks), cunning ham calls, utg+2 calls and BB calls. flop 822dd, i bet 1k he calls. turn 6o. I bet 2.2k he calls. river 2x. Impretty sure his range now is 99,1010 and QQ+. i decided to bet 3k as a blocker even though i probs could of check folded as he isnt gonna bluff me here and i rarely expect him to turn up with a missed fd. meh whatever he calls with KK.
then i get down to 8k at 100-200. Tight player opens to 800 utg+3 i flat JJ in c/o. flop 10xxss, he pots it, i sigh and call intending to fold to turn aggression. turn K, check check. river J. i think bang there it is. he ebts 2k i shove for 6k he thinks and says "i cant fold this". and flips KK. gg me.
fuck live poker.
been chlling since in my sweet palms poker stars room. moving out tomorrow sigh.....
Andy still in the ME (ship the 2.7%) he has 300k atm which is like a top 50 stack going into day 3. so look out for andrew teng...

gonna try and sat the bellagio wpt next couple of days and grind some live cash.