Tuesday, 21 October 2008

oops forgot about my blog

Many of you may have notice that I haven’t updated my blog in a very long time. Don’t worry I haven’t died, gone to prison or gone busto. To put it simply I got bored of tournament poker and could never be arsed to update my blog with cash hands. Since the wsop I’ve switched mainly to cash games, playing 2-4$ to 10-20$ or a few very soft sites. I have managed to make some decent profits despite a couple of tilt sessions where I have lost 20k+ in a day.

Cash wise my game has improved a lot. I have mainly been playing on sites where poker tracker isn’t compatible so I can’t really post any specific hands. I’m killing 2-4$ at 14bb/100 over 20k hands or something which is running pretty hot although this site I play on is pretty easy so I think I can maintain 8-12bb/100. Also playing a lot of hu nlhe and having success versus some of the regs on these euro sites. I m not gonna mention the site names cos I want all those monies for myself. It is funny tho that all the regs think I’m some fish and then play me I take 5 buyins they quit me and refuse me action after. Kind of sucks that a lot of them won’t give me action anymore; they are such a goldmine.

As for tournaments I have mainly been playing the Sunday majors and some big live events. My biggest scores online are deep runs in the wcoop main event and a few final tables n the Ladbrokes Sunday 50r and a few big party tourneys. I’ve been in good shape in a few tourneys but haven’t managed to get lucky at the end and failed to get to a big final table. The wcoop was disappointing as I was a top 30 stack from very early on until after the bubble. I then proceeded to lose every all-in pre and eventually reshoved 109s to a cutoff raise and the big blind wakes up with QQ and gg me.


Live tournaments have been a disappointing although I have only played two since the wsop. Played the ept London and came in as an alternate as I forgot to buy in early and it sold out quickly. Coming in at the beginning of level 2. I managed to flop a set in a 6 way limped pot on a Kd10d4x (44 obv) and KQ calls my c/r , my bet on turn (K) and my river shove (3x).  ty sir. So get 20k early (10k starting) but then get moved to a terrible table with max pescatori on my right, and Jeff Lisandro/some Irish wsop bracelet holder/Gavin griffin on my left. So obv I start to struggle. Manage to inexplicably be a complete live fish and misclick a hand where I have AA and let the other guy hit two pair on the river while paying off half my stack. Then grind and bust in race vs. griffin. Oh well.

Just busted the gukpt thanet which I’m really disappointed about. I played really well on day 1 managing to be one of the chip leaders for most of the day. The last two levels I got tired and failed to bust Karl Marenholz when I misplayed I hand blind on blind. Then I managed to be a live fish again getting in A10 on A435dd board after some old guy c/r turn after I checked behind on the flop. Obv he is huge with 55 and I lose 40k pot putting me down to 30k. Still above avg but meh I was disappointed. Managed to chip up to 40k to end the day. So didn’t sleep much last night and managed to donk off my stack pretty early as I was brain dead and managed to convince myself 105o was good on 9546cc board. He flopped a set obv.  Sigh live fish own me (he donk pots flop and turn with set wtf??) still 2nd pair probs not good and I don’t know what I was thinking. So gg me and I’m back off to London. Update: obviously tufat won (andy teng), what a gangster.

My plans at the moment are to keep grinding cash, head to Amsterdam for the masters classic in mid November and then head to India for a well earned holiday. I hope I can hit a result or a good cash run before I leave for India.  Ill try and update more