Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Amsterdam Master Classics: winning big flips :)

So im in amsterdam and got up super early today cos Andy snores like a giant gorrila. playing the Main event here (6.2k euro buyin) today at 3 an am really conifident about my chances.
The trip to amsterdam yesrterday was looooooooong. I got up at 9.30am left at 10am and got to my hotel in amsterdam at 19.00. Delays at every possible point in the jopurney where the flight was the shorteest part (1hr). I also ran bad with turbulence which was terrifyig cos i hate flying when its smooth and not flinging the plane up down left right etc.
Oh well, trip has to get better from here right? wrong. get to casino they wont accept my card to buyin. i ask ppl fr money but no one willing/able to donate to my tiny amsterdam bankroll. I finally manage to get 3.6k euros off my card and retire to some beers and spliffs with some friends, fully expecting to have to play live cash all week.
I got pretty high/drunk and Rubin (genius) came up with the idea o going to casino and putting 3k on routlette red/black in order to play the tournament. So we promptly head to the casino (me bneing unable to hold a conversation for longer than ten seconds. put 3k on red. finally run good for the day and win. I guess that makes up for the 7 hr trip.
sick. huh.
wish me luck. its 4 day event. starts at 3pm today.