Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Live Pokers

So Andy and i decided after watching the dramatic Liverpool vs Arsenal game to go the Western club for some live pokers.
Games was super good as always. It's £5-£5 game with compulsory 10£ btn straddle and a lot of £20 restraddle, so it plays more like a 10-20 game. We both sit with £1k each (split action) and andy is straight into the action isoing A9o pre (he didnt realise at the time this was a bad iso oop in this game) and bet/calling on 9c8d6c for 2.1k pot vs 65dd. He wins and starts to tile the super tard asian guy. This had consequences for the nxt hand andy played. Which made me lol and sigh hard.
Andy completes sb w/ T9ss (action starts on sb due to btn straddle), BB completes, tilted asian guy raises to 50. Btn calls and andy calls. Flop (9d8s5s) asian bets 120 andy calls. Turn was the Th and andy leads for 220 (at this point its obv he ahs T9/QJss to me anyways), obv the tard asian goes nuts and snap raises to 900ish (aka just grabs a bunch of 100s and snap puts them in pot). Andy Jams, tardfish calls and we lose to 85 when a 5 gets there on the river. Sigh we lose the £5k pot and the chance to super tilt the tardfish (who has deep pockets).
Next im up againts the tard fish and overlimp J10o in c/o and the btn checks. comes T75cc. i bet 75, btn calls, asian fish calls. Turn 8x, i bet 155 btn folds asian calls. River 9, asian snap bets 500 into 500, i sigh and think he rivered split. Only to see him flip QJo and am like wtf sir. wpwpwp
manage to grind back to 700 then someohow flop the nuts with AT on AxAhTh9h and double vs flush.
Andy meanwhile gets in tough spot in limped pot with 86o (he was on btn) on 864r after some guy bets he raises smallish and sb min raises. andy calls and then gets it all in on blank turn. I lol when sb shows KK and we scoop in 2k pot.
After that i manage to get super heored by a tilted fish (wasnt sure how tilted or how fishy he actully was at the time). I 3 barrell jam 1.2k effective with QJdd on Td6x4x9d4x only for T8 to tank call me on river cos obv there is only on hand im bluffing with on river and thats a big combo that i picked up on the way. Still obv retarded call.
I relaod for 500 and get AK in vs JJ on KJxcc and lose.
So we finish down 1.4k between us whichw asnt bad given how terrible we ran and im super excited to return to the game.
will be in manchester this weekend.

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