Monday, 8 June 2009

Vegas trip report 1

I just busted the 2.5k 6 max and feel a bit tilted so im gonna write this blog to untilt me. A brief recap of the trip so far.

Ive played 3 events and busted in the first two levels of 2 and came 30th in the other. The other two events apart from the 1k were the 2.5k 6 max and the 1.5k 6 max. Apparently i suck at 6 max cos i busted pretty badly in both. Anyways ill talk through some hands i played in the 1k wsop event.

Firstly the wsop 1k was byt far the softest tournament i have ever played in (except maybe a freeroll). It seemed that everyone at my starting table had learnt poker from tv and had no idea about any poker strategy. A lot of them just decided they are gonna play every pot and fold if they don’t hit something, while others will play every pot and then bluff when they feel like it. Of course there are also the general live nits who like to fold AK 10bbs deep. My favourite players though are the ones who fold for two hours and then jam 8 bbs on your open with K8o.

Early on in the tournament i found things pretty easy and quickly doubled my starting stack to 7k without any big pots. Then some gangster sits down with 7kish and decides he is playing every pot and bluffing randomly when he misses. So i open AJs in MP to 300 and he calls on the btn. It comes Qh7h7d ( i got no fd) i bet 325 he snap raises me to 800. Im 90% sure he has air right now with some flush draws mixed in. So i call with the intention of check jamming blank turns. Turn Jd. I check and he bets 250 into 1600. I LOL. And decided to call and let him bluff river also although now im sure he has a flush draw. River Qd. I check intending to call any bet and obv cos he is retarded he checks back a rivered flush and shows 65dd. Wp

I then cooler someone to dbl back to 5k with AA vs KK (J). And go into the 100-200 level with 7k. I 4 bet jam ATs into TT and hit a flush to take me to 14k and then won a flip to get to 20k. Going into 200-400. The rest of the day i just pick bitches off and run super hot to end at 78k coming back to 500-1000 and the bubble.

At the end of day 1 i was completely shattered. The jet lag and the day of grinding saw me pass out instantly when i returned to my room. On day 2 i find myself on a new table in a new room and with B.Roberts (a friend of andys there fore a killer) on my left. I instantly tangle with him in a big pot when i 4 bet jam 55 into his KK for 35bbs each. This puts me down to a 30 bet stack on the bubble and inevitably go card dead for a full two hours. This was nearly fatal but i somehow woke up with JJ with 9bbs and got it in vs 44 and won. From there i didn’t look back and ran up a decent stack before i moved to a table with fatal error on my right with a pretty big stack. I play kinda of nitty and made a bad DJK shove with A4s from the c/o for 20bbs. And the sb tanks for 4 mins before calling with TT. I flop an A and a 4 to take that down. He ends up tilting his balls off later on.

A few flips later and i finish the day with 550k which is good for a top 10 stack with 50 coming left for day 3.

Will post more later....

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